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The Real Housewives Of Vancouver: Where Are They Now?

The Real Housewives of Vancouver made their official debut when the first season premiered on April 4, 2013 on Canadian network Slice. After two successful seasons, the television network decided to put the series "on hold" for unknown reasons, which later resulted in cancellation. The last episode aired during the show's second season finale on April 9, 2013.

Earlier this week, Slice confirmed that they're going to revive the Real Housewives franchise in Canada by adding a new Canadian installment with The Real Housewives of Toronto. The new series is set to premiere in winter of 2017.

Fans of RHOV are still outraged that the show ended so sudden, especially since the first season was the highest rated reality series on Slice. Having that said, let's look back how all the RHOV ladies have been up too since the show ended, check it out!

Amanda Hansen
During her time on the show, Amanda was open and honest about her road to recovery, but she admits that the show fostered an environment was anything but conducive to her sober lifestyle and it caused some speed bumps in her sobriety .

"I ended up having issues afterwards with pills. It opened Pandora's box," she told ET. "I found the show was just something that wasn't me...I'm trying to figure out what I want from life," she said. "I'm single now. That's been interesting. It's been a series of dating disasters. There's not enough men in the city!"

Amanda, who is now a brunette fully embraces her biker-chic persona. She spends her days riding her motorcycles, hanging out with her kids and girlfriends while she figures out her next move. Amanda now spends time with former cast members Ioulia Reynolds and Ronnie Negus. All three are now sober and they occasionally attend AA meetings together.

Amanda and Ioulia have become besties since the show ended.

Christina Kiesel

It was rumored that Christina was working on her own travel show since her exit from RHOV but the project allegedly fell through.

Christina and her beloved dog Napoleon left Canada and moved to Virginia where she's working on becoming an American citizen.

She has remained out of the public eye since leaving RHOV, however earlier this year she was arrested in Charleston and charged with domestic assault.

Jody Claman
Jody or as people like to call her "The Queen of Mean" still has a store in West Vancouver. However, her personal life has been turned upside since we last saw her on RHOV.

In 2014, Global News reported that her daughter Mia was a victim of a drive by shooting.

In April 2015, Jody became a grandmother as Mia gave birth to her first child however later that year, Mia's boyfriend, Jeffery Chang sadly lost his life at the age of 28.

As for Jody, she's been busy in and out of court room. In 2014, Jody and her daughter Mia tried to sue their RHOV nemesis Mary Zilba for defamation which Zilba fought back and filed a statement of defence denying she defamed either women.

After the show ended, Claman and her husband Eran Friedlander ended their relationship and the two got into a nasty and very public divorce followed by an ugly custody battle of their younger daughter Hannah.

According to court documents, a psychological assessment was done on Claman and the report allegedly found her to be "narcissistic" and "aggressive."

Last year she offered a little advice outside the court house: "If you’re going to get married, contact a lawyer and get a prenup."

In April 2016, according to court records, a B.C. judge found Jody in contempt of court and awarded full parenting responsibilities to the father, Eran Friedlander. Claman is appealing the initial ruling and the appeal will be heard in September.

Ioulia Reynolds
Ioulia's life did a complete 180 after RHOV — after divorcing her then husband, she made the decision to give up alcohol, a path to sobriety that her former cast member Amanda Hansen helped her discover.

"I never knew that I had a problem," Reynolds told ET. "I thought this is how people live...upon me leaving my ex and my life falling apart a little but, I realized it comes down to me not being sober. Through Amanda putting the light to it, I was able to find it in myself [to get sober] and it's been the best decision I've ever made."

"Seeing myself as that persona made me want to change," she confessed. "I do not have the luxury or the things I did before. Of course it was a big change and it was difficult but I find myself happy because I actually found what's important on the inside, things I overlooked before."

Now, Ioulia has earned a fitness training certificate, studied graphic design and is considering opening a fitness center. Ioulia says she found herself,  a new boyfriend, and God.

Mary Zilba
Mary Zilba has remained in the spotlight. The singer turned reality star turned entrepreneur has kept herself busy since the show ended in 2013.

In 2013, her hit single "Hero," which was featured on RHOV went to #1 in the UK Country charts. Following that success, she released new tracks. In 2013 she collaborated with music duo Roy & Rosemary and together released a Christmas EP titled "A Timeless Christmas." In 2014, she released a single titled "Are You Sorry Now."

Mary also also created a few businesses, she released a make-up line called Buff Beauty, a yoga clothing line called Mary Zilba by LOTUSACTIVA, which she debuted in Vancouver Fashion Week and most recently she has followed in the footsteps of Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer by launching her own wine label, Love by Mary Zilba.

Since RHOV ended, Mary and her besite Fiona Forbes launched their very own production company LadyPants productions. Zilba has made it clear that she has no plans to do anymore reality television and admits that she prefers to be behind the camera. "Everyone thinks I'm on the shows and I'm not, I haven't cast myself on anything," Mary told ET Canada.

During her last interview with ET Canada, the mother-of-three reflected her time on RHOV.

"I am 100 per cent proud of how I handled myself on that show,"  she tells ET Canada.  "I wasn't a victim at all. I felt I was victimized but I don't ever call myself a victim. Sometimes you need to rise above the bully."

"I honestly really in my heart wish all the girls the best in their future...I don't wish to have any relationships with them at this point," she said. "I've moved on from it all and I don't keep track of what they're doing."

In April 2016, it was reported that Mary Zilba and Fiona Forbes' production company LadyPants Productions had signed a three-show deal with New York’s Jerrick Media. Jerrick Media will develop, finance, and distribute three weed-based digital series created by Zilba and Forbes.

The three shows are currently in production and are all based on one ingredient: Marijuana. The three shows are called BakedMarijuana Minute and Stoners in Stilettos. Baked  will launch first and is set to premiere by the end of this month (June). Jerrick Media is co-founded by RBC Capital executive Jeremy Frommer and Rick Schwartz, whose credits include Black Swan, The Departed, and popular SPIKE series Lip Sync Battle.

Reiko Mackenzie
Since she left RHOV, Reiko separated from her husband Sun Mackenzie, who we met on the show. Last year Reiko also came out as genderless and wrote a column for Vancity Buzz about being part of the LGBTQ community and her experience in lesbian relationships.

Reiko has been busy writing a blog at where she shared gluten-free recipes, has appeared in a few modeling gigs alongside Robin Reichman and Ioulia Reynolds and has also launched her own gluten-free beer, Corsa.

Reiko has remained a friendship with Ronnie Negus and Robin Reichman.

Robin Reichman
Since leaving the show, Robin has been performing at  various charity events and has appeared in a few modeling gigs alongside Reiko Mackenzie and Ioulia Reynolds.

Robin has remained good friends with Ronnie Negus, Reiko Mackenzie and Ioulia Reynolds.

She's still living in Vancouver but keeping a close eye on the U.S. – mainly by cheering on Donald Trump in the primaries. As of late, she's been seen spending a lot of time with Ronnie Negus.

Ronnie Negus
Ronnie has revealed that she had fun during the first season but regrets returning for the second season right after her daughter Remingon nearly died after a choking accident.

"I really shouldn't have been back on [the] second season, and I should have healed," Negus told ET. "I thought if I went back, it would be really good for me to get my mind off what had just happened to Remington. I thought, Well, this'll be good, I'll go back on, and I can move forward. And truthfully, it was completely the wrong thing."

Negus reveals that she experienced panic attacks during filming, "Like I was choking - similar to what happened to Remy," to the point that producers had to stop filming.

These days, Ronnie is living a more calm and peaceful time, large part because of her new found sobriety.

"I have pretty much been sober for the last two years," Negus, who now regularly participates in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Since the show ended, she separated from her husband Russell of 15 years. Ronnie remains good friends with former cast members Ioulia Reynolds, Amanda Hansen, Robin Reichman and Reiko Mackenzie.

As her her kids, they all have remained pretty successful, Jhordan has become an entrepreneur and a chef. He shares his love for cooking via his social media page. He is also working on a vodka range called Courage Vodka which is set to launch in summer 2016. As for her son Houston, according to his social media, he is about to open his new business, which is a skin care clinic.

Side note: Ronnie donated her RHOV paycheck to the BC Center for Ability.

You can watch full episodes of The Real Housewives of Vancouver HERE via Slice

Source/Photo Credit: Slice