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Danielle Staub Admits She Would ‘Absolutely’ Consider Returning To RHONJ As A Full-Time Cast Member For Season 9!

Danielle Staub recently opened up about her relationship with boyfriend and alleged fiancé Marty Caffrey. "We did just buy a beautiful home together but for wedding plans – guess you have to wait and see! Watch what happens!" the Real Housewives of New Jersey star told Life & Style Magazine.

"Where’d you hear that?," said Staub when asked about her engagement. Meanwhile, Danielle also dished about her future projects. "I would love to make my way into fashion in some facet. I am also really connected to yoga and fitness and bringing awareness to your body. I’m also big on charity and giving back," she explained.

"I want to work more with charities like Food Bank NYC and Toys for Tots. What people don’t realize is that it makes my heart happy when I can actually help and using my Bravo platform to do so is one of the main reasons we should all contribute."

Staub made her grand return to RHONJ as the official "Friend of the Housewives" this year after a seven year hiatus. So would Staub like to return to Bravo hit reality series in a full-time role?

"Absolutely! Without a second thought." She also reflected on what it was like to make her comeback. "It’s actually like I never left except when I opened the door to walk through, I actually like everyone in the room. If this were Seasons 1 and 2, I would have stayed on the show. I can deal with one or two people not like me, but when it was the whole cast, I couldn’t navigate it," she told Life & Style Magazine.

The mother-of-two also elaborated on how her boyfriend Marty Caffrey is adjusting to a life of reality TV fame. "Marty is adjusting to reality TV very well — mainly because he has a great coach — me! He gets along great with the other guys especially Joe Benigno and Joe Gorga and also Frank [Catania]."

Photo Credit: Bravo