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James Marchese Sets The Record Straight About His Relationship With Jim And Amber Marchese; James Explains Why He Started A GoFundMe Page And Reacts To Parent’s Recent Comments!

James Marchese, the son of Jim Marchese and stepson of former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese is setting the record straight on what sparked him to start a GoFundMe page and opens up about his relationship with his father and stepmother.

James revealed that he started a GoFundMe page was because he was unable “to get a cosigner for his student loans” due to his lack of credit.

“I’m just trying to build up my credit score…I hope to take out loans next year myself without the need of a cosigner so that this isn’t an issue,” he told CelebBuzz!. “Everything with the GoFundMe is just so that I have the first year, and it’s not me trying to use anyone’s fame.”

“The GoFundMe doesn’t mention my dad’s name at all,” he said. “It was people connecting the dots and my dad himself that brought them into it…I never planned to use their fame like they’re claiming that I am.”

James is also shutting down the claim that Amber and his father found pornographic images on his younger brother’s cell phone.

“Amber took my brother’s phone and saw messages between him and his boyfriend. It wasn’t anything pornographic like my dad has been saying, it’s appalling to read that he’s been saying these disgusting things,” he said. “It was clear that my brother and his boyfriend were dating, so that’s really what started it all with her, and giving the phone to my dad and saying, ‘your sons are gay.’”

That incident took place back in January 2018. When confronted by Jim and Amber, James says he didn’t deny his sexuality and claims that's when their relationship began to fall apart.

James also reacted to his father’s Twitter tirades. “He went on that Twitter rant, so to speak…about how no true straight man wants a gay son…I was called down to [the guidance office at school] because of that. They wanted to make sure I was ok because this was blowing up.”

“It’s been a very tough time, and I really don’t understand why he will continue to say that my sexuality isn’t the reason that he’s not going to help me,” he explained to CelebBuzz!. “Up until my coming out he was extremely supportive of me going to Ivy Leagues…of going to this private high school when I didn’t ask to go to the private high school.”

James clarified that it was his father that proposed the idea of him attending a costly private school and that he was willing to front the cost.

“To me it’s very clearly about my sexuality and it always has been,” he said. “He tries to make it something else because it keeps his image intact.”

“He says that he’s not helping because he can’t pay at all, and then he’s saying that he’ll help only if I go an Ivy League school, and then he [says it’s about] the college I chose.”

He continued: “I’ve talked to them time and time again about college, they’ve said time and time again they will not pay unless I change my lifestyle, which…is me not being gay.” James said that he was never led to believe that money would be an issue for them, and that the family told him they were setting money aside specifically to pay for college, according to the outlet.

“At the end of the day, he’s my dad. Even with everything he is saying, it’s hard for me to cut him out of my life fully,” James said about his father’s public statements. “I don’t understand…quite frankly I don’t understand why, if it was a choice, I would choose to be gay with a dad that is saying this about me…I just don’t see why I would want to live that kind of life,” James  said. “He wants to try to divert the negative attention he is getting.”

“He has made it clear to me that if I spoke to anyone about it, he would do anything in his power to destroy everything that I care about,” said James. “This is really bad for his image…I never wanted him to be even involved with [the GoFundMe], I don’t want him to feel forced to now pay for my college education.”

James claims that he did not intend for anyone to attack his father and stepmother or make this issue about the couple at all. “This is me trying to something fully on my own, and I’m just asking people for help so that I can, next year, take out the loans myself and everything,” he told CelebBuzz!.

Photo Credit: Getty / Google Images