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RHOCheshire Star Dawn Ward Continues To Defend Her Behavior After Explosive Dubai Fight With Co-Stars Perla Navia And Seema Malhotra; Says “One Thing I Am Not Is A Bully”

Dawn Ward continues to defense herself after many Real Housewives of Cheshire viewers have called and labeled her as a "bully" after her fight in Dubai with co-stars Hanna Miraftab, Perla Navia and Seema Malhotra during last week's explosive episode of the ITVBe hit reality series.

 "Obviously, last week was a little bit heated," she told The Daily Mail. "All the housewives are strong ladies and when you get a group of ladies together, we are clearly going to have rows, just like every other friendship group do..."

"I think people are a bit alarmed, which is fine but it’s my way of dealing with it."

After the explosive episode aired on ITVBe, Ward re vealed that she took a brief hiatus from social media - for the first time ever - because she received negative comments branding her a bully - which she believes is to be untrue.

"It is just when it gets quiet personal that I start to think, and you know the bully word gets used," she told The Daily Mail as she continued to defend herself. "One thing I am not is a bully, I value my friendships with all the girls."

"Yeah, me and Seema had a disagreement but we are friends, it is about having a disagreement and moving on, you know and that is exactly what we do, that’s why I do love the show, we do move on...," she continued. "I would rather get things off my chest and say my piece and move on, rather than be a two-faced person, I am not a two-faced person whatever I say to anyone else, I will say to your face."

Despite the backlash, Dawn took ownership for her actions as she admitted that she has 'a big gob' but she also claimed that some things become misconstrued.

"I get people saying, that I said : "F*** off you fat dumpling" and I have been apologizing for two weeks after that, only to see the show and realize that I didn’t say that... to realize that I actually did say was, "How do you know he is your little ducking?"'

"It is completely different and I ended up owning that and it was not mine to own. I am not perfect by any means and if I am in the wrong, I will hold my hands up and say."

Ward revealed that she has 'no regrets or would have done anything differently' as she said: "You can only change the future and do things differently when moving forward."

Ward continues to defend herself after social media backlash over her explosive behavior. "As long as my family and friends know the person I am... I am sure if you ask every single person and cast member of Real Housewives what I am like as a person, it is what comes from within and what your heart is like. I am very very confident that I have got a nice heart and I am a nice person."

Ward has had plenty of fights of feud during the nine season of the RHOCheshire. "I do feel that regardless, it is very fair and balanced and that the production company we work for are very fair," she told The Daily Mail. "I am warts and all, nobody is perfect and what you see is what you get on the show, I try and wear my heart on my sleeve and be the person that I am in real life. If I don’t believe in something, or if I think someone is in the wrong I'll say."

Ward admitted that being part of RHOCheshire has been "an amazing platform - not just for me - but my whole family."

She added: "I think that you can be a bigger voice and make more awareness for the positive things in life, things like children’s charities or my Crème de la Crème ball - obviously things that I love to do that I have done many years before the show."

Photo Credit: Bravo