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Dawn Ward And Leanne Brown Are Reportedly Still Feuding Over Alleged Unpaid Loan!

According to a new report, Dawn Ward still owes Leanne Brown £500,000 after falling out two years ago on The Real Housewives of Cheshire over the alleged unpaid loan. Sources close to the WAGs claim that the former besties are still at odds over the loan – which Leanne reportedly lent Dawn back in 2017.

“The thing is, they’ll never be friends now – there’s too much bad blood over the money, which Leanne will never get back,” an insider told The Sun. “But there’s not going to be a court battle as both of them know too many of the other’s secrets and it would all come out in court. It’s not worth it – even for £500,000.

“It’d get very messy very quickly. It’s a really bitter row but that £500,000 is long gone.”

A separate source added: “There is no legal action happening. It’s in the past and I think it’s understood that Dawn won’t be paying it back.”

Dawn and Brown's friendship went down in flames in 2017 when Leanne allegedly loaned Dawn a sum of money. Lawyers were later called in – which resulted in Leanne quitting the series.

“I left the series because it had driven me to the point of a nervous breakdown, so it really was the right decision to go," Brown told Closer Magazine last year about her decision to quit RHOCheshire. “I'd had enough. There was too much drama in my life and I just couldn't cope with being in the same environment as Dawn when filming.”

“Our friendship has gone down the pan. I won't ever speak to Dawn again,” she continued. “I don't trust her and, when someone has hurt you that deep, there is no going back.”

“The feud is still on-going. It was very upsetting- and still is now. It has made me grow so much as a person, and now, I have had the strength to come away from the relationship and build myself back up again.”

Photo Credit: ITVBe