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Episode Descriptions For RHONJ Season 9 Revealed!

In other Real Housewives of New Jersey news, the description for the first four episodes of season 9 have been revealed via social media. Now we're finally getting a more detailed look at what is going to happen in the upcoming new season, check it out below!

Episode 1 - Wives and Misdemeanors
Airing 11/7/2018
With less than a year left in Joe's prison sentence, Teresa comes into her own and decides to enter a bodybuilding competiion; Margaret feels the effect of aging; Dolores struggles to forgive Frank; Melissa celebrates her birthday.

Episode 2 - Easter Wives Hunt
Airing 11/14/2018
Dolores hosts a hatchet-throwing party, giving the ladies a chance to take out their aggressions; Teresa re-ignites the Gorga/Giudice feud; Margaret prepares for an important business trip as her mother gets ready for a facelift.

Episode 3 - The Jersey Breakfast Club
Airing 11/21/2018
As tensions mount between Melissa and Teresa, all the ladies head out to a cattle ranch in Oklahoma; Jackie shares shocking personal details; Melissa reveals a family secret, leading Teresa to explode and forcing all the ladies to choose sides.

Episode 4 - Housewives & Heifers
Airing 11/28/2018
As their Oklahoma trip continues, the ladies compete in a cattle show; Margaret's husband takes care of an increasingly demanding Marge Sir; Jennifer insults Margaret's friend, Polly, causing Margaret to loose her cool.

Are you guys excited about the new season of RHONJ? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo