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Mia Claman's Boyfriend Jeffrey Chang Dies At Age 28, Coroner Investigating Cause Of Death

Mia Deakin Claman, daughter of Real Housewives of Vancouver star Jody Claman has received devastating news. It's been reported that Deakin's boyfriend, Jeffery Chang passed away last week. Read full details below!

Mia shocked fans as the former reality star shared photos of her boyfriend on her social media page confirming her boyfriend's passing. Check it out below!

“Goodbye my darling my love my soul! We will meet again one day soon my handsome man... not one moment will go by that I won't think about you my everything,” Mia Claman caption the photo shown above.

Then, her mother Jody Claman commented on her daughter’s emotional post with a heartfelt comment.

“Our are gone far to soon and far to young! When your son smiles through those eyes your smiling spirt will live on...forever! You will never be forgotten!,” wrote Jody Claman.

On July 3, Chung, who's been labeled as a 'gangster' was found unconscious about 1 a.m. inside a house on Wildwood Crescent North. Another gangster with Chang at the time called an ambulance. Chang died later in hospital.

Coroners Service media officer Barb McLintock confirmed an investigation is underway.

“I can confirm to you that the death of a person by that name was reported to us in the early morning hours of July 3 and is being investigated,” she said.

“The investigation is very preliminary at this point, and we are still working to determine a definite cause of death.”

Toxicology results won’t be known for some time, McLintock said. Sources told the Vancouver Sun that Chang’s death is a suspected drug overdose.

Ridge Meadows RCMP media officer Cpl. Alanna Dunlop said the Mounties were also called to the scene to assist the coroner. She said it would be premature to comment on the cause of death at this stage.

“It’s something that the coroner is looking into,” she said. “We may be able to say more once we get toxicology reports.”

Sgt. Lindsey Houghton, of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, said Chang remained affiliated with the Wolf Pack gang alliance until his death. Houghton said that after the 2014 shooting, Chang was splitting his time between B.C. and Ontario.

“We would still consider him as being involved in the ongoing Lower Mainland gang conflict with close association to the Alkhalil group, members of the Independent Soliders, Wolf Pack and many others,” Houghton said. “He’s been around and involved for many years.”

He said if Chang died from a drug overdose, he would not be the first gangster to do so.

“If this is, in fact, what happened, he is one of many who have been involved in this lifestyle who have become victims of overdoses — whether its oxy or fentanyl-linked oxy or heroin or whatever,” Houghton said.

Chang was the younger brother of slain gangster Jonathan Chu-Ka Chang, who was 27 when he was sprayed with gunfire behind a Burnaby gym on Oct. 14, 2009. The murder remains unsolved, reports the Vancouver Sun.

Recently, Deakin shared another social media post dedicated to her soulmate, Chang: “It's been a long day without you my friend and I'll tell you all about it when I see again...”

In June 2014, Chang was allegedly the target of an East Hastings drive-by shooting, which left girlfriend Deakin seriously wounded. In April 2015, Deakin gave birth to the couple’s son.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mia, their son, and the Chang's family during this difficult time.

Source/Photo Credit: Vancouver Sun, Instagram

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