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Ronnie Negus Talks Life After RHOV — Opens Up About Her Sobriety, Cast Feuds, Biggest Regrets And Her Relationship With Mary Zilba!

It's been more than two years since the Real Housewives of Vancouver stopped filming, original cast member, Ronnie Negus is now reflecting on her experience on the Slice reality series, she admits the show wasn't easy for her, find out why below!

"The first season was more fun, for sure," Negus tells ET Canada's Erin Cebula. "And then you bring in a few new girls, and we lost a couple, and it is a whole different dynamic."

For all the drama unfolding on-screen, the real chaos for Negus was happening at home. In 2012, her daughter, Remington, nearly died after a choking accident sent her into emergency surgery, leaving her comatose. She later made a full recovery, but rather than deal with the trauma of the incident, the former reality star returned to work on season two of RHOV, which Ronnie regrets now.

"I really shouldn't have been back on [the] second season, and I should have healed," said Negus. "I thought if I went back, it would be really good for me to get my mind off what had just happened to Remington. I thought, Well, this'll be good, I'll go back on, and I can move forward. And truthfully, it was completely the wrong thing."

Negus reveals that she experienced panic attacks during filming, "Like I was choking - similar to what happened to Remy," to the point that producers had to stop filming.

These days, Ronnie is living a more calm and peaceful time, large part because of her new found sobriety.

"I have pretty much been sober for the last two years," Negus, who now regularly participates in Alcoholics Anonymous, tells us proudly. Looking back on RHOV, though, she says the show made her battle with alcohol harder. "They encourage it, of course," she says. "With alcohol, all hell breaks loose."

Does Ronnie regret appearing on The Real Housewives of Vancouver?

"I'm always thankful for the life experience," she says.

As for her relationship with Mary, the two never rekindled, but she still wishes her nothing but the best.

" I don't see Mary, and I don't I don't have a relationship with her, but I do wish her the best," added Negus.

When asked if she would join any other Hosuewives series, Ronnie quickly said The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ronnie, who is originally from the U.S. has plans to move to LA. Since the show ended, she separated from her husband of 15 years. Ronnie remains “good friends” with former cast members Ioulia Reynolds, Amanda Hansen, Robin Reichman and Reiko Mackenzie.

ET Canada will be releasing more interviews with former RHOV stars all this week, so stay tuned for more Housewives updates!

Photo/Video Credit: ET Online