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Mary Zilba Talks Life After RHOV — Opens Up About Her New Career And Her Infamous Feud With Jody Claman!

Mary Zilba was in the center of the drama during her time on The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Now that the show ended, the former reality star reflects on her time on the show and shares an update on her relationships with her former co-stars and talks about her new career as a producer. Check it out below!

Zilba reflects her time on RHOV, just don't call her a victim.

"I am 100 per cent proud of how I handled myself on that show,"  she tells ET Canada.  "I wasn't a victim at all. I felt I was victimized but I don't ever call myself a victim. Sometimes you need to rise above the bully."

Mary has put it all the drama behind her and confesses she doesn't keep in contact with any of her former co-stars.

"I honestly really in my heart wish all the girls the best in their future...I don't wish to have any relationships with them at this point," she said. "I've moved on from it all and I don't keep track of what they're doing."

Mary's relationship with both Ronnie Negus and Jody Claman made great television, while Zilba and Negus never reconciled, Mary has made it clear that she and Jody will never be friends. Mary reflects on their explosive relationship.

"I think maybe there are certain things that caused Jody to become the way she is and not accepting of others, and judgmental of others...I just don't want to be a part of it. If she's going to do that I hope she doesn't hurt anyone else in the process."

Since the show ended, Mary has found working mostly behind the scenes now. She's been creating new shows with her producing partner and BFF, Fiona Forbes under their production company, LadyPants.

"As soon as I was done with Housewives I started writing treatments for shows...Ladypants is in full business now and we have 4 shows in development," she reveals.  Mary can't divulge too much, but  she teases that they just wrapped a cooking show - with a twist!

Will we ever see Mary on screen again?

"Everyone thinks I'm on the shows and I'm not, I haven't cast myself on anything," she laughs. "I love working behind the scenes but if there is a project that would be right for me on camera, then maybe I would pitch myself on the show."

ET Canada will be releasing more interviews with former RHOV stars all this week, so stay tuned for more Housewives updates!

Photo/Video Credit: ET Canada, Getty Images