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RHOV Alum Ronnie Negus Celebrates Four Years Of Sobriety!

Congratulations are in order for Ronnie Negus. The former Real Housewives of Vancouver star took to Instagram to share with fans her biggest milestone yet - four years of sobriety. "4 YEARS SOBER !!! Going into my 5th year of sobriety with 1460 days behind me. Looking back and reflecting on this incredible life altering journey, I am feeling full of gratitude clarity and an overwhelming sense of progress personal growth and self development .... I could never drink like other people or process alcohol my body is simply allergic to it and I cannot process it," she wrote.

"In many ways I am actually grateful for that because the life I live today is whole, complete, and fulfilled. At 50 you start to realize that time is one of our greatest commodities. Time moves forward like the wink of an eye and being sober has allowed me to embrace each day to the fullest. Being a mother of 5, I want to be able to pave the way and set an example for them and for the next generation."

She continued: "I have a front row seat to my life and do not want to miss a moment of theirs.
I’m committed to self development not self destruction. Any person that is meant to be with me on the journey, will choose the higher road with me. A tougher road but a much more rewarding one."

She added: "I want to be able to look back at my life and say, I made some tough decisions, but they were the right decisions. Thanking God for the life I live today ... * I RISE * 👊🏻"

As previously reported, Negus appeared on two seasons of The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Ronnie admitted that she had fun during the first season but regrets returning for the second season right after her daughter Remington nearly died after a choking accident.

"I really shouldn't have been back on [the] second season, and I should have healed," Negus told ET Canada back in 2015. "I thought if I went back, it would be really good for me to get my mind off what had just happened to Remington. I thought, Well, that'll be good, I'll go back on, and I can move forward. And truthfully, it was completely the wrong thing."

Negus experienced panic attacks during filming, "Like I was choking - similar to what happened to Remy," to the point that producers had to stop filming. Since the show ended, Ronnie has been living a more calm and peaceful time, large part because of her found sobriety and remains close friends with former cast member Robin Reichman.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver made their official debut when the first season premiered on April 4, 2013, on Canadian network Slice. After two successful seasons, the television network decided to put the series "on hold" for unknown reasons, which later resulted in cancellation. The last episode aired during the show's second season finale on April 9, 2013.

Photo Credit: Instagram