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Former RHOV Star Jody Claman Sued By Credit Union For Not Paying Her Overdraft Loans!

According to a new report, Jody Claman is being sued by her credit union for not paying her overdraft loans. BlueShore Financial Credit Union has filed a lawsuit in North Vancouver provincial court against the former Real Housewives of Vancouver star, reports North Shore News.

The claim states that Claman wrote checks on her account when there was no money to cover them in October 2014 and hasn’t made payments since August 2017, racking up a bill of $32,000.

Claman has not yet filed a statement of defence.

Claman's personal life has been turned upside since we last saw her on RHOV. In 2014, Global News reported that her daughter Mia was a victim of a drive by shooting.

In April 2015, Jody became a grandmother as Mia gave birth to her first child however later that year, Mia's boyfriend, Jeffery Chang sadly lost his life at the age of 28.

As for Jody, she's been busy in and out of court room. In 2014, Jody and her daughter Mia tried to sue their RHOV nemesis Mary Zilba for defamation which Zilba fought back and filed a statement of defence denying she defamed either women.

After the show ended, Claman and her husband Eran Friedlander ended their relationship and the two got into a nasty and very public divorce followed by an ugly custody battle of their younger daughter Hannah.

According to court documents, she claimed she was $148K in dept and a psychological assessment was done on Claman and the report allegedly found her to be "narcissistic" and "aggressive."

Last year she offered a little advice outside the court house: "If you’re going to get married, contact a lawyer and get a prenup."

In April 2016, according to court records, a B.C. judge found Jody in contempt of court and awarded full parenting responsibilities to the father, Eran Friedlander. Claman is appealing the initial ruling.

Photo Credit: Slice