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Kenya Moore’s Restraining Order Against Ex-Boyfriend Matt Jordan Dismissed!

Kenya Moore's restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan was tossed out by a judge because the Real Housewives of Atlanta star couldn't find him to serve him legal documents. According to TMZ, the case was dismissed on Wednesday after she was a no-show at a hearing on the matter.

The site claims she only skipped court because she knew the judge would toss it once he heard Matt hadn't been served.

Her attorney says Kenya will refile for another protective order but she's gonna have to locate Matt eventually.

According to the original court documents obtained by E! News, Jordan had to stay 200 yards away from Moore and have zero contact with her by phone, e-mail or any means of communication.

In the original petition for a protective order, Kenya and her legal team accused Matt of calling her "up to 30 times a day" between September 2016 and February 2017.

They also accuse Matt of telling Kenya's friend that his ex was going to "get what she deserves."

During this season's Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers have watched the couple experience several highs and lows. In fact, last week's episode featured another tense confrontation between the pair, where Moore decided to end their tumultuous relationship.

"It's painful to watch myself at my age tolerating such foolishness from anyone. I am ashamed," Kenya shared in her Bravo blog after the episode aired. "I focused so hard on breaking old habits of not running away when things get tough. Yet, this relationship was the exact scenario. I should have run away as fast as humanly possible."

"I am thankful to have moved on from what seems like a lifetime ago. My circle is completely different now. I do not now or will ever have any communication with him," she added. "I do not wish harm on anyone and hope that he can move on with his life and leave me completely alone. I don't. I did. I'm done."

Photo Credit: Goggle Images