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Kenya Moore Reflects On Her Breakup From Matt Jordan: “It's Painful To Watch Myself At My Age Tolerating Such Foolishness From Anyone”

Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya Moore reveals she's cut off all communication with her ex, Matt Jordan. Check it out! What did you think of the Cargo fashion show?

Kenya Moore: I LOVED the fashion show! Cynthia did a great job bringing a New York vibe to Atlanta. It was edgy, young, and sexy. I was especially proud of how amazing Miss Noel was opening the show. YAAASSS, Miss Noel! "Miss I am the Face of Cargo." She's just so fancy! LOL! Although I don't know Shereé's son Kairo, he also deserves praise. Both mothers should be very proud. What was going through your head during that confrontation with Matt?

KM: That scene happened nearly six months ago. It's painful to watch myself at my age tolerating such foolishness from anyone. I am ashamed. I focused so hard on breaking old habits of not running away when things get tough. Yet, this relationship was the exact scenario. I should have run away as fast as humanly possible. If a man is capable of damaging your property, calling you out of your name, threatening you, tells you that you will die unhappy and alone - but in the same breath begs you to stay with him - RUN. I pray that other women take away that reprehensible behavior from a man is never acceptable. There is no excuse for abuse.

I am thankful to have moved on from what seems like a lifetime ago. My circle is completely different now. I do not now or will ever have any communication with him. I do not wish harm on anyone and hope that he can move on with his life and leave me completely alone. I don't. I did. I'm done

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo