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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Star Gina Liano Hopes Foxtel Picks Up Her Courtroom Show ‘Judge Gina’

Real Housewives Of Melbourne star Gina Liano still holds hope for her courtroom reality show Judge Gina to make it to the small screen. The glamorous barrister hopes that Foxtel picks up her Judge Judy-type show!

As previously reported, Liano shot a pilot in December 2014. It was reported that the team behind the pilot, McGuire Media, brought in Judge Joe Brown’s former executive producer John Terenzio to assist with the pilot.

“We flew the producer in from Judge Joe Brown, and who had worked on Judge Judy, so we had the Real McCoy working on it and I’m still in communication with him and he’s very keen to do it,” Liano told AAP earlier this year.

Liano reveals she still hopes that the network behind RHOMelbourne picks up her courtroom show. While Foxtel didn't commission the show originally, Liano isn't ruling the idea for the network to pick it up if show is under new management, revealing that a new pilot could be in the works.

Liano told Confidential that Judge Gina, based on the Judge Judy format, is still high on her agenda.

“It is a format that works,” she told Confidential. “I’ve obviously got a big following and I’m a lawyer. If you have got the right talent and the right people working on the show, there is no reason it can’t work.”

As for a fourth season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, which is set to return in 2017, said she easily deflects bitchiness from the other women on the popular reality show.

“I try not to take on board what is being said about me by the other girls, because I don’t always value their opinions,” she said. “I also question their motivation for a lot of things, and their purpose, but I don’t want to be judgmental at the same time.”

Liano says she wants to be a positive role model.

Photo Credit: Foxtel