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Dorinda Medley Reflects On Her ‘RHUGT’ Feud With Vicki Gunvalson!

During a recent interview, Dorinda Medley revealed that Vicki Gunvalson wasn't interested in participating in the fun at her Berkshires home while filming The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Club

"She started right at the gate," Medley told PEOPLE. "She came in not really wanting to be there before the gates even opened!"

Medley revealed that it all kicked off when Gunvalson criticized her home. "I took it very personally when she came in and said, 'Oh my God, what do you do here? Where are we? What do we do here?'" she recalled.

However, the Real Housewives of New York City alum said that watching the show back it changed her perspective. "I didn't realize that that was not really about me," said Medley. "So that made me feel better because I took it personally but after I watched the episode, I was like, 'Wow before she even got to my front door, she was already in that state.'"

If you recall, Gunvalson revealed in the first episode of RHUGT that her ex-fiancé Steve Lodge broke up with her before she left to film the Peacock reality series.

But the "Make It Nice: author said she believed the breakup had nothing to do with the OG of the OC's negative attitude. "It wasn't just that," Medley told PEOPLE. "There wasn't a lot of enthusiasm to even do stuff or be part of the group. She kind of changed around when we got to the bourbon dinner [in episode 4]... but it wasn't just about the breakup."

"Listen, we're all going through s---, but we signed up for this," Medley added. "We knew what we were doing."

If you recall, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star and Medley got into a shady feud when the OG of the OC referred to Medley's home as "old," saying that she would be "bored out of my mind out there."

According to the publication, Medley fired back and responded on her SiriusXM radio show, slamming Gunvalson's past relationships, her manners, and saying, "you have to have a taste level to understand a home like Blue Stone Manor." 

However, Medley insisted that she's "not fighting" with Gunvalson, but simply "responding."

"This is the thing about me, I don't start the thing but I certainly know how to respond," Medley told PEOPLE. "My life is one big handshake — you reach your hand out, I reach my hand back."

"You want to say my house is an old house in the middle of nowhere? I'm going to respond to it," Medley added. "There's two options, take what you want with it. ... You're an idiot to say you're in the middle of nowhere because you have some of the best James Beard chefs here, the Boston Symphony, Tanglewood — the middle of nowhere is where she got her house for her Airbnb in North Carolina. I mean, Orange County is not exactly the epitome of culture and stuff. But that's okay!"

Medley claims he has no hard feelings towards Gunvalson despite their spat. "I always say [being on reality TV] is like being an NFL player: You go on the field, you beat the s--- out of each other, You come off, you pat each other on the ass and you go get a beer," Medley shared. "You're doing a job. If you're going to be a person who holds on to it and can't get past it, [you shouldn't be on it]."

She added, "It brought a lot of awareness to what was coming up [on the show], so it all worked out fine," Medley told PEOPLE of her fight with Gunvalson. "No one died. We were able to go to the premiere and see each other. It's fine."

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