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Bethenny Frankel To Host New Season Of CNBC’s ‘Money Talks’ With Shark Tanks’ Kevin O’Leary!

Bethenny Frankel is getting a new show. The former Real Housewives of New York City star will star alongside Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary for the second season of CNBC's Money Court.

The Skinnygirl mogul shared the news with her followers via Instagram. "I have reached a place in my career where I say no more than I say yes to opportunities in the interest of a better quality of life," she began. "When this idea and opportunity presented itself and evolved into what it is, I was so excited to embark on this business entertainment journey."

"This was a quality production, a challenging business endeavor and a hilarious television experience. At the end of each shooting day, reviewing case after case, Kevin & I would look at each other, stunned, exhausted and astonished at the intensity level of this process," she continued. "As Kevin pointed out, you know you have something when every member of a massive tv crew is glued to the monitor waiting to hear our business verdict."

"To be able to help businesses navigate treacherous waters to try to survive and thrive in this climate, was a feat and a necessity. We welcomed the challenge," she added. "What an incredible journey this was! I CANNOT wait for you to see this show. This is the duo and business dynamic you never knew you needed. #moneycourt #cnbc #cnbcprime."

Bethenny and Kevin will use their business expertise to help other business owners settle financial issues and disputes.

CNBC today announced the network has greenlit an all-new season of its primetime original series, “Money Court,” produced by Anvil 1893, focused on financial feuds.  Set to premiere in early 2023, the series features entrepreneur and investor Kevin O’Leary (“Shark Tank”) and new co-host, entrepreneur and Skinnygirl founder and CEO Bethenny Frankel, as they weigh in on and resolve a wide range of business disputes and chart a path forward.   On the docket this season, Kevin and Bethenny settle money issues and dilemmas that every small and expanding business faces.

Whether its estranged partners battling over a deal gone sour, friends and business partners disagreeing over pricing strategy, or partners with different visions for their future, what all the cases have in common are high stakes, real money, and an agreement by the participants to abide by Kevin and Bethenny’s ruling. Together they’ll carefully consider all sides of a case, examine all relevant evidence, and ultimately deliver financial justice!

“This has been my best television experience to date. The range in reviewing small businesses where everything is on the line to the riskiest hundred-million-dollar conflicts, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Kevin and I have entirely complementary skill sets, experience and expertise.  This makes these verdicts so comprehensive and effective,” said Frankel. “We really are saving small and large businesses alike. Our sum is greater than its parts. There is nothing like this on television, and America needs a show that exhibits how to resolve business conflict in a creative, tactical, strategic and methodical manner.”

Frankel continued, “I was blown away by this production, by CNBCs dedication to providing real solutions for business owners, and by Kevin’s knowledge and desire to collaborate for the greater good. This is the space I was born to be in.”

“The economy has gone through an unprecedented transformation over the last three years, no sector was left unscathed. Out of the turmoil a new digital economy has emerged that may prove to be even more productive than its predecessor. For small and large businesses alike there has been a lot of dislocation and dispute on which way to go forward and those cases find their way into Money Court,” said O’Leary. “It’s fascinating television to watch, highly entertaining and very informative. There has never been a better time to provide a platform like this and I’m proud to be part of it.”

“Kevin and Bethenny are the ultimate team of arbitrators,” said Denise Contis, Executive Vice President and Head of Content, CNBC Primetime.  “Their perspective and business expertise will not only deliver resolution but will also provide enormous value that entrepreneurs can apply to their own businesses.”

“Money Court” is produced by Anvil 1893 Entertainment with Eric Schotz, Kevin O’Leary, Bethenny Frankel and Stuart Krasnow serving as executive producers.  Timothy Kuryak is the executive producer for CNBC.

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal