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‘RHOSLC’ Newbie Jennie Nguyen Reportedly ‘Promoted’ As Full-Time Cast Member For Season 2 After She Was Originally ‘Hired As A Friend’ — Find Out Why!

According to a new report, Jennie Nguyen was “promoted as a full-time cast member” and “may replace Jen Shah” on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City amid her ongoing legal scandal.

The 44-year-old was originally “hired as a friend” but due to the arrest and nationwide fraud scheme Jen is embattled in, Nguyen’s role was elevated to be an official Housewife. 

“Jennie was hired on as just a friend originally,” a source told The Sun. “But because of Jen’s legal stuff and unexpected delays in filming here and there, Jennie got a lot more screen time than everyone expected and got promoted to full-time by the end.” 

However, the source made it clear Jennie was NOT hired as a “Jen Shah replacement” as the star’s legal problems weren't even public yet when Jennie got hired by Bravo.

“Because of Jen’s problems, Jennie was a lot more involved and became full-time faster,” the insider explained. “So if Jen is not part of the show for season 3, Jennie will definitely want to step in and fill that role and void.”

As of right now, Jen’s future on the show is unclear as the fate of her criminal charges against her remains ongoing.

Even with the dark cloud looming over the newest franchise, Jennie - who is a close pal of current cast member Lisa Barlow - is still “so excited.”

The informant said: ”She saw her friends have an incredible experience on the show and has wanted to be a part of it since,” the insider said. “She’s not afraid to speak her mind, get sassy or get into trouble and has amazing fashion so she will fit in nicely with the group.”

“But she is involved in plenty of messy drama. Jen's legal scandal is a big focus of the season of course but it's definitely not the only drama that happens on the show,” the source told The Sun. “Some other big things go down Jennie is involved with.”


Photo Credit: Courtesy via Jennie Nguyen/Instagram; Bravo Media/NBCUniversal