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Rachel Lugo Tests Positive For COVID-19 Despite Being Vaccinated! Plus She Confirms Her ‘Real Housewives Of Cheshire’ Return For Season 14!

Rachel Lugo has officially confirmed that she's returning to The Real Housewives of Cheshire for Season 14. 

Sadly, she is currently in isolation as she tested positive for COVID-19 despite getting vaccinated.

The ITVBe reality star shared the news with her followers via her Instagram Story. 

“I never needed a filter more and I need one right now,” she began the clip she shared via her Instagram Story. “Um, just a quick catch up, sorry I’ve been quite on here.”

“I got COVID so today is the first say actually I’ve been able to get up out of bed,” she continued. “So I’m missing not filming with the girls and I’m falling behind on my boxing training which is really frustrating.”

She added, “I just thought I’d let you all know – those of you are asking why I’m still off Instagram – that’s why.”

Lugo then shared a lenghty post via her Instagram Story to share more details about her diagnosis while thanking everyone for sending her positive messages as she recovers from the global virus.

“Thanks so much for all your lovely messages xx sorry I can’t reply to you all,” she began. “Lots of questions about if I’m vaccinated … yes I am,” she wrote.

“I’ve been double jabbed since the end of May ..I got mine a little early due to underlying health issues…I can’t imagine how poorly I might have been had I not of had the vaccine.”

The news comes after Lugo’s co-stars, Tany Bardsley and Lystra Adams, confirmed that they started filming Season 14. 

Last month, Lauren Simon confirmed that she was returning to the series for the new season on social media while urging viewers to watch the Season 13 finale episode. In the same post, she revealed (then) that production was set to start filming in August. 


Photo Credit: ITVBe