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Wendy Osefo Opens Up About Her ‘RHOP’ Season 6 Drama With Gizelle Bryant; Says “I See Her For Exactly What And Who She Is”

Dr. Wendy Osefo teases what Real Housewives of Potomac viewers can expect about her feud with Gizelle Bryant in the upcoming sixth season of the Bravo hit reality series.

“There were a lot of dynamic shifts, so there’s people who I didn’t think I would be besties with, who I’m besties with,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “And there’s people who I thought I’ll be besties with that I’m not.”

Osefo referred to Bryant as the co-star who “disappointed” her the most while filming Season 6.

If your recall, the RHOP Season 6 trailer teased possible marriage issues in Wendy and Eddie Osefo's marriage. In the teaser, Gizelle brings up the alleged cheating rumors she heard about Eddie.

“Everything is true” Osefo told Entertainment Tonight. “And I wanted to let her know that I see her for exactly what and who she is … the wool has been pulled off of my eyes.”

Bryant previously commented on her beef with Osefo. “I would be curious to see how the season plays out and how Wendy feels about the season as she views it. I want Wendy to be a viewer this season, because I think she was thinking a lot of things happened that didn't.”

So where do they stand today? “Listen, I have always been fine with her,” Gizelle told E! News. “She might not be fine with me, but I'm fine.”

Aside from the Wendy drama, Bryant promises season six will be much more “lighthearted” than last season.

“Last season I found it to be toxic, and we had none of that. We had absolutely none of that,” the mother of three explained.

“This is like Potomac back to basics,” Gizelle told E! News. “This is the season where you guys remember why you fell in love with us because we're shady, we're funny, we're boss businesswomen, but we know how to bring the drama.”


Photo Credit: Courtesy via Wendy Osefo/Instagram; Bravo Media/NBCUniversal