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Hanna Kinsella Shares An Update On Her Friendships With ‘RHOCheshire’ Co-Stars Tanya Bardsley And Seema Malhotra Following Season 13 Drama!

Hanna Kinsella shared an update on her relationships with her Real Housewives of Cheshire co-stars Tanya Bardsley and Seema Malhotra following Season 13 dama.

Hanna recently did an Instagram Q&A session via her Instagram Stories and shared an update on her friendships with Bardsley and Malhotra after she clashed with the two ladies while filming Season 13, which the season finale aired earlier this month on ITVBe.

A user asked, "How's your relationship with Tanya now?"

Hanna responded, "Good...I love tan and we do always have such a laugh together!"

The mother-of-one also shared an update on her relationship with Malhotra after a fan asked, "How is your relationship with seema now?"

To which Hanna replied, "To be honest I've not spoken much to sim since we stopped filming but we have both been super busy! Love this lady - we've always been close since I started on the show. I always belly laugh with seema whenever we're filming for housewives #iconic."

If you recall, Hanna clashed with Tanya after she caught herself in a rift with Lystra Admas, which Bardsley defended as the two are "besties."

However, Kinsella and Bardsley cleared the air during a sit-down during the Season 13 finale. Meanwhile, Hanna and Seema butted heads after Hanna accused the fashion designer for not sticking up for her friends during a dramatic row between Lystra and Nicole Sealey.

Hanna felt like Seema only plays the "peacemaker" and never sticks up for friends, who she believes are being ganged upon. However, the two addressed the topic during an emotional conversation after Seema revealed that she found a lump in her breast, but thankfully it was later revealed at the end of the episode that it was not cancerous. 


Photo Credit: ITVBe (3)