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Kelly Dodd Blames Braunwyn Windham-Burke For Getting Them Fired From ‘RHOC’

Dodd shared a series of screenshots via Instagram on Thursday, June 17. It appears that Braunwyn reached out to Dodd wishing her well after it was revealed that they were let go from RHOC. 

“This was your fault. We’d still be on the show if you didn’t make things so dark and ugly and brought all that political ‘woke’ BS,” Kelly wrote, according to Us Weekly. “Your lies about me, calling me a racist and a homophobe were horribly destructive and your phony storylines didn’t help either.”

“I know we’ve been through hell and back but I’m here,” part of Braunwyn’s cut-off message read.

After Kelly sent her response, Braunwyn responded: “Well I’m still sober and still gay, like I said if you ever want to talk I’m here.”

In her post’s caption, Kelly continued to share her thoughts about the mother-of-seven.

“I can’t believe this Braunwyn has the audacity to text me !! She went on a podcast … She said she was fired from the show because we all didn’t like her because she’s gay. Not because she’s a horrible person. Not because she treated everyone like s—t and made no effort to be friends with us,” she wrote. “Not because she went on a press tour and made horrible accusations about us calling all of us homophobes and racist, Not because she’s a terrible mother. Not because she’s a horrible person to her husband. The only reason she was fired is because she is gay. What a f—king nut job classic narcissist!”

Windham-Burke, however, reacted to Dodd slamming her and leaking their texts on Instagram. The mother-of-seven didn’t deny that the text conversation with Dodd happened but did note “the part of the text she so graciously cut out ‘I wish you nothing but the best and hope you have a beautiful life.’

“Only Kelly Dodd would post screenshots of her own texts that make her look wildly immature,” Windham-Burke said in a statement via Page Six. “I guess that’s what being bitter is like, and I tried to empathize with her, as you can see,” she added. “I’m a big believer in growing and changing, and second chances (or in this case 10th or 11th chance). At the end of the day, it’s just a tv show and we are still neighbors.”

She also told Page Six that she “will never stop or be ashamed for standing up for communities who are hurting.”

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, and Kelly Dodd are not returning to RHOC for Season 16. According to reports, Bravo decided not to renew their contracts.

A spokesperson confirmed the news to Variety about Windhand-Burke, Lyn Vargas, and Dodd’s departures. 

Shannon Storms Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter, and Emily Simpson, however, are all returning to RHOC for Season 16. They will be joined by former Housewife Heather Dubrow, who originally left the series in 2017 after five seasons. Variety added that one or two new women will also join the cast.

A few days ago, it was reported that Braunwyn’s best friend Noella Bergener is joining the cast for Season 16. 

“Noella is coming on board as a cast member for the new season, though Braunwyn will not be returning,” a source told The Sun. “They tested her out before the firing decisions were made. She has good chemistry with other potential new cast members.”


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (2)