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Dorit Kemsley Labels Garcelle Beauvais The Least Authentic ‘RHOBH’ Cast Member, Garcelle Says Lisa Rinna Is The Most Conniving!

Dorit Kemsley recently named Garcelle Beauvais as the least authentic Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member.

When asked by Access Hollywood who she believes is the least authentic housewife, Kemsley said, “[It’s] Garcelle for me,” she said, according to Screen Rant

Kemsley’s answer surprised the interviewer because Beauvais had accused the other woman of putting on an act. 

“Isn’t that always the case?” questioned Kemsley. “I think she has an idea of the show that doesn’t really exist.”

Meanwhile, during an interview with People’s Reality Checked, Garcelle was asked to point out who is the most conniving housewife on RHOBH.  

“I would say [Lisa] Rinna,” said Garcelle, according to Reality Tea. Garcelle also said that Rinna was most likely to start drama just for the show.  “I would go back to Rinna,” she said.

“I think she definitely knows when the cameras are on,” Beauvais said. “I mean, she started as an actor.  She knows what she’s doing.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (3)