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Lala Kent Says She ‘Definitely’ Wants To Have Another Baby With Randall Emmett!

Lala Kent admits she wants to have a second child with her fiancé Randall Emmett after the Vanderpump Rules couple welcomed their first child. 

“I definitely want to have another baby,” Kent told Us Weekly. “It doesn’t have to be right away because I am just so in love, and I want to enjoy [my daughter, Ocean], for as long as possible. It’s like, ‘Clock is ticking, you better have another baby’ … but Randall says, ‘You’re so young.’ And I’m like, ‘You’re not.’”

Kent explained that she doesn’t want her fiancé “to be 90 years old walking into [their] son or daughter’s high school graduation.”

The couple’s love has grown “so much deeper” since their daughter Ocean’s birth. “I look at him like, ‘You’re the father of my baby. This is so crazy.’ … We share this little human, and the ultimate goal is to keep Randall and I good so that we can raise a healthy, happy child,” she told the publication. “The stakes are really high now.”

Lately, the new mom admits that she found herself “cry[ing] all the time” due to postpartum hormones. She joked that this is probably a welcome change for her fiancé since she was previously “a raging bitch.” Kent said, “Look at me the wrong way, and I’m, like, sobbing my eyes out.”

Kent added how being a stepmother to Randall’s two oldest daughters, Rylee and London, prepared her for motherhood. 

“Nothing compares,” Kent explained. “Now I understand. … I just think with being a stepmom, there are boundaries. There’s only so much that I can do as a stepparent to two little girls, so it’s very different. They are two very different things for me.”

While London “couldn’t care less” about Ocean, Rylee is “completely obsessed” with the infant. “It’s really sweet to watch her,” Kent told Us Weekly. “Every single holiday, she asks for any stuff. And now she has a real-life baby. Like, she’s beyond over the moon.”


Photo Credit: Courtesy via Randall Emmett/Instagram