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Simone Elliott Explains Why She Decided To Join The Real Housewives Of Melbourne!

Simone Elliott is one of the newest cast members who joined The Real Housewives of Melbourne for the show's upcoming fifth season.

The businesswoman and mother-of-two took to Instagram to reveal why she decided to join the series after Foxtel unveiled the official NEW season 5 lineup.

"This season, I want to represent the women who are pursuing their career ambitions, achieving academic credentials, raising their families, juggling, hustling, leading, and managing. For the working mothers that can relate to these moments, I salut you," she began.

"For all the bedtimes when your children become dehydrated storytellers that need a hug. For shopping at Coles with Darth Vader and Cinderella that eat kinder surprises when you’re not looking. For the 4am wake up "mum it's dark in my room". Yes that's because...grr just get in.."

She continued, "For all the healthy, home cooked, gluten free, sugar free meals and all you want is spaghetti. For leaving the house with vegemite/yoghurt/toothpaste on your suit. And for those little faces that look up and you and say "I love you mum, your the best"

She added, "It's the hardest, full time unpaid job you will ever accept. You are their world and they will follow your example, but in the middle of chaos take time for you and keep going! 💋💪 @rhomelbourne @bravotv @foxtel #bossladymindset #dealsinheels👠"

In a separate post, Elliott teased fans of the series about what they can expect from her. The blonde beauty shared a glammed-up photo of herself at the Foxtel event. 

She wrote, "Bring. The. Glam. For those of you who don’t know me yet, I love a good dress up and I promise not to disappoint this season. But It takes a village: Wearing @rachelgilbertau @givenchyofficial hair by the talented @rachaelmulder and face by the beautiful @heidiwilsonmakeup @bravotv @arenatv @rhomelbourne."

Elliott will be joined by returning cast members Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach, and Gamble Breaux. They will be joined by newbies Anjali Rao, Kyla Kirkpatrick, and Cherry Dipietrantonio, who were revealed last year in 2020 prior to the show going on a long hiatus due to the pandemic.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne is set to return later this year.


Photo Credit: Foxtel