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Leanne Brown Sparks Outrage As She Denies COVID-19 Pandemic After Attending Anti-Lockdown Protest!

Leanne Brown has sparked outrage after denying the coronavirus pandemic. 

The former Real Housewives of Cheshire star came under fire after she dismissed the devastating death toll, speaking out against the pandemic, wearing face masks, and getting the life-saving vaccine via her Instagram page.

Brown shared a variety of photos of an anti-lockdown march she attended. In the post, the former reality star also referenced child trafficking in her lengthy rant, appearing to suggest that the pandemic is a worldwide government cover-up for something more sinister, according to The Sun.

"What a day! You are not alone! The tide is turning people are waking daily, more and more, coming forward to spread the truth! The stories of the nurses and doctors, the scientists outcry for the rollout of this jab to stop," she wrote. 

"The patients that have experienced first hand what is happening in the hospitals they were admitted to. The real pandemic of child trafficking which no one really knows about, or turns a blind eye to.... CHILDREN being stolen and sold for sex, for body parts, for ritual abuse, every 30 seconds a child is taken, imagine if it was your child would you pay attention then? Humanity is realising the government never had your best interest at heart it’s all about lining their own pockets at what ever cost! Making sure you only see what they want you to see, you only react to what they brainwash you into believing, the world is one big stage the veil is lifted now it’s your time to choose how you see it, with your fairytale glasses or see it for what it is and shine a light on the corruption that has ruled this planet for too long so we can move forward into a new world but not the one they have planned, ☝️ One that is for the people!"

The lengthy post continued, "We are the 99%! Do your own research, stop masking your children you are causing harm to them. Protect your child with knowledge. No excuses the evidence is all there. When your grandchildren ask what did you do in WW3? Are you going to say ... I did nothing I listened to the government announcements and did what I was told! Or.... I stood forward and spoke out. I tried to warn others, I researched, I listened to the scientific evidence from those at the top of their field who had nothing to gain but everything to lose, not those who were on the payroll, not the celebrities that were promoting Va££ines, Getting paid thousands to do so, selling their souls at the expense of humanity!"

She added, "I did everything I could. 🙏🏽 You can troll me you, can hate me, I don’t care, that is only shining a light on your weakness. I send only love to each and all and may your journey be one you have chosen wisely! #love #peace #truth #karma"

In the comment section of the post, many of her followers slammed the mother-of-three for dismissing the pandemic.

One user wrote, "People are dying. This is disgusting."

Another wrote, "This reads like a drunken rant.....bouncing between Covid conspiracy and child sex trafficking. I think there are many of us who listen to a wide range of sources before reaching an informed and coherent stance. It would be more convincing if you did the same!"

Another user wrote, "Children trafficking is real and more needs to be done absolutely. But we are in a pandemic and what do you mean the truth about doctors and nurses? What is happening g in the hospital?? Please enlighten me. Because what I see is people working tirelessly trying to keep people alive and give treatment to those that need it. You are neither so what do you know really? Apart from spreading false news on a daily! Do you watch the news? Have you seen what is happening in India right now? Predicting upto 5,000 deaths from covid a day, they’re running our hospital beds and oxygen and you are here condoning massive crowds spouting crap like stay woke!"

Another added, "Just unfollowed you never heard such unmitigated bullshit come out of a supposedly intelligent woman 🤔"

Another wrote, "Disgraceful thousands of people close together when covid is still around ! And yes I will be unfollowing you ! Having worked in a care home all through this and losing our beloved manager to it , I find this disgusting! Regardless of wether I agree with the sentiment behind it !"

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Photo Credit: ITV/Monkey