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Jennifer Aydin And Margaret Josephs Get Into A Heated Twitter Battle Following Latest ‘RHONJ’ Episode — Read Their Shady Tweets Here!

Following Wednesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, cast members Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs took their feud on Twitter where the two got into a shady fight. Read their tweets below!

Jennifer tweeted, "The story is right- Joe said it at boys night - the proof is in the pudding...Or rather, the footage  #rollfootage #someonesSalty #rhonj"

Meanwhile, Margaret tweeted, "I always apologize to the injured party, whether it be a man, woman, child, or dog #rhonj"

When a user asked Marge if she has apologized to Jennifer over her mail order bride comment she made about her brother and his wife. The Marge replied, "Yes I did , I apologized because I hurt her. Mail order brides are from many cultures it is not culture specific. An entire popular tv show is built upon the premise ,90 day fiancé"

Jennifer then wrote, "I got yelled at for no reason. I didn’t bring it up, I wasn’t the origin of the comment- so I’ll say it again #rollfootage #someonesReaching #rhonj"

Josephs replied back with, "It wasn’t for no reason. You got in the middle of a conversation you don’t belong in. #rhonj"

Jennifer then slammed the double standards in the group, after many cast members called her out for throwing stuff in past seasons. Aydin tweeted, "It’s such a double standard - I find it amusing “The hypocrisy is Rampant!” #rhonj"

Margaret went on to defend her husband Joe by slamming Jennifer's husband Bill for telling her what was said during boy's night.

Josephs tweeted, "If you plan on breaking guy code at least get the story right. #rhonj"

Then, Jennifer defends her reasons for telling Teresa Giudice that Magaret's husband claimed during boy's night that he also heard of the cheating rumor about Jackie Goldscnider's husband Evan. 

Jenn wrote, "I told my friend something that was relevant to our group- How dare me???!!! #rhonj"

Aydin then defends herself after Marge slammed her for being a stay-at-home mom.

She tweeted, "5 pregnancies within 10 years, the last of which I was on bed rest . A meal is the least he can do....#rhonj"

Meanwhile, Margaret continued to slam Aydin. She tweeted, "Not only does she beat a dead horse,  she drags it for 10 miles, and has it for breakfast the next morning. #rhonj"

Marge continued, "If you don’t want my opinion on your marriage don’t give me your opinion on mine. #rhonj"

Meanwhile, Jennifer reacts to Marge calling her a concubine. She tweeted, "Concubine??? You’re gonna pull a muscle with all that reaching [rolling eyes emoji] You guys have gotten to know me and Bill- I think you all know who wears the pants in this relationship [woman raising one hand emoji] #rhonj"

Marge then accuses Jennifer of "victim shaming" her. She tweeted, "Victim shaming is an all time low. I shared a vulnerable moment that was very painful. #rhonj"

Meanwhile, Jennifer tweeted, You’re at the top?? You must have some short people around you- and you’ve slept with EVERYONE ELSE!" she wrote. "#twoCanliveTweet   You’re not drunk , but you’re sloppy- at least I had an excuse #rhonj"

Marge then responded with, "At least I’m at the top. You only slept your way to Paramus. #rhonj"

Jennifer then clapped back, she tweeted, "And you’re slutty and everyone knows it- Don’t start none, won’t be none!!! #rhonj"

She continued, And This tweet is not even about her boss- it’s about all her other sex story she tells- don’t act like this is the first you’re ever heard- enough already! We get it! Plus: she started #rhonj"

Josephs then fired back with, "This is what a victim shaming looks like and women stay silent. We can all say nasty things about the episode but this an all time low. Especially with this current climate. 
@BravoTV I am ashamed"

To which Jennifer responded, "Don’t try and spin it-This tweet wasn’t  even about your boss-it’s about all the other men you’ve boasted about sleeping with-and you call me embarrassing? #poorJoe #alltimelow? #takesonetoknowone #concubine"

She continued, "So she can say I “Slept my way to Paramus” but I can’t call her slutty??? #IAmAshamed"

Who's side are you on? Are you #TeamJennifer or #TeamMargaret? Sound off in the comment section below!


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (2)