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David Beador Says He Told His Ex-Wife Shannon Beador To “Stop Talking” About His Wife Lesley Cook And Admits He ‘Threatened To Sue’ Her After Jeff Lewis Read His Angry Texts Over Baby Gift Drama!

Jeff Lewis said he received backlash from David Beador after he spoke with his ex-wife, Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador, about their baby gift drama.

Lewis claimed that David sent him a series of angry text messages on Thursday, March 25, after he asked Shannon whether she sent her ex-husband and his new wife, Lesley Beador, a baby gift after they welcomed their first child last month. 

If you recall, Shannon previously revealed that she had sent a gift to David and his wife, but Lesley later denied receiving it. David, for his part, told Us Weekly on Tuesday, March 30 that he’s “requested” for his ex to stop mentioning Lesley on TV and outside of her reality series world on multiple occasions.

Lewis gave an update on the drama on the Monday, March 29, episode of his SiriusXM Jeff Lewis Live show. He read alleged texts from David during the show, which read, “Jeff, nice podcast. You and Shannon are so f–king boring. All you can do is talk about me and my wife. You f–king loser. Glad to see karma bit you in the ass a couple of times now, what a chump you are.”

Lewis claimed that he didn’t know how to respond at first but he eventually did write back.

“I said, ‘Congrats on the new baby, David. I hope you’re enjoying Shannon’s gift.’ And then I put a little gift emoji,” Lewis told his listeners, according to Us Weekly. “He said, ‘You think you’d get not putting kids in the middle, but it’s been so long. I forgot what a money hungry chump you are. Guess you can’t see putting the kids in the middle as you and Shannon are two peas in a pod. Too self-absorbed and selfish to get the effect your words have on the kids. What a chump you are. Glad you’re getting what you deserve. Thanks for your fake congrats.’”

Lewis explained that David then spoke directly about the Madeline doll and books that Shannon allegedly sent.

“He wrote, ‘And her gift will make a nice donation. You want it? Or need it?’ So, I guess now he’s got [it],” Lewis continued. “I mean, he’s acknowledging they got the gift, so I don’t know what to say.”

Lewis replied: “‘I’m sincerely happy for you,’ which I am. ‘Where can I send a baby gift? I’d like to confirm the address. So it does not get lost, like Shannon’s gift. Smiley face.’ And then he wrote fist bump. He sent me a fist bump emoji.”

According to Lewis, Lesley later made a video opening the present in question. Lesley also showed the card from Shannon, proving she did get the gift after she denied it existed.

“I’m not trying to s–t stir, but that was sent to me, the video of her opening the gift,” Lewis continued, noting Shannon is blocked from seeing Lesley’s posts. “So, I said, ‘Shannon, you know, there’s a video now of cause they found the gift.’”

In the clip, Lesley is shown pulling a card out of the bag, but there is no envelope. According to Lewis courtesy via Us Weekly, Shannon noticed that detail and told him, “I would never put a card in a gift without an envelope. It’s been opened before. And if you look at the tissue paper, unless somebody threw it on the ground and, like, stepped on the gift. That’s not how I did the tissue paper.”

David for his part told Us Weekly that he has spoken with his ex-wife on multiple occasions about keeping Lesley out of her interviews. “I’ve requested Shannon stop talking about Lesley and I multiple times including threatening to sue her,” he said in a statement after watching Lewis’ show. “Lesley is not, and never was, on a reality TV show, although she’d be far more entertaining. She does not deserve the hate and lies, my ex-wife puts out there about her. Lesley’s kids do not deserve it.”

He added: “Moreover, it puts my children in the middle which I’ve expressed to [Shannon] too many times to count. She does not worry about the negative impact her lies create with my kids as she tries to maintain her ‘status’ as a reality TV personality with little to nothing to give except stories about her ex-husband and his wife.”


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (2); Courtesy via Lesley Cook/Instagram