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Margaret Josephs Slams Michelle Pais For Saying Joe Gorga Owes Her Husband Money And Teases Upcoming ‘RHONJ’ Season 11 Drama; Says “There’s A Lot Of Deep, Personal Family Things Amongst Everybody”

Margaret Josephs is spilling the tea about the drama that's airing on the current season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and teases viewers what they can expect for the remainder of the season.

"We fight, we make up, we all do care about each other in the end," Margaret told Entertainment Tonight. "Even if we argue, we see each other for 12 months a year."

Season 11 was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic. "It is such authentic, emotional drama I think no one even knew what to do,” Margaret said. "I think production was, like, in shock. That’s all I can just say! They were like, who are these people? Do we even know them?"

"I would say it's one of my best seasons, for sure," she adds. "You know what? No one physically attacked me, thank the Lord."

As far as the drama between Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice, Margaret said, "I'm team fix this and team I stand on what's right," she explained. "I don't think it was right of Teresa. I think she was absolutely wrong. That doesn't mean she's not my friend. Obviously, these are my friends and when any of my friends do something wrong, I want them to apologize and make it right. I don’t turn my back on good people, but she really went below the belt."

"Jackie has a rough season," Margaret admits. "I don’t want to see her ever hurt for no reason."

Meanwhile, Josephs is calling out Teresa Giudice's realtor, Michelle Pais, for telling Jenifer Aydin that Melissa Gorga's husband, Joe Gorga, owes her husband tens thousands of dollars for his participation in the Growing with Gorga event. 

"It's inaccurate and, again, not true at all," Margaret said. "Anybody who comes with something from 18 months ago? It’s obviously not true. I think It's crazy. My husband, Joe Gorga and Frank [Catania] work together every single week and there's never been one issue with them. Money flows freely between them and so I just think this comes out of left field. … It wasn't very authentic or believable."

Josephs teases that there will be deeper drama coming later this season. 

"There's a lot of deep, personal family things amongst everybody," Margaret told Entertainment Tonight. "I think people are gonna be surprised about Melissa and Joe. I think she gets a hard time saying, 'Oh, that's not true…' This is it. It's very, very real and it was painful and I think that’s upsetting."

"No one ever sees me fight with my husband and there are stories that I reveal about my life that people don’t know," she adds, “and so everybody has some deep emotion."


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal;  Courtesy via Michelle Pais Group/Instagram; Courtesy via Melissa Gorga/Instagram