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Lethabo Mathatho Accused Of Bleaching Her Skin — See Before & After Photos Here!

Lethabo Mathatho is being accused of bleaching her skin. Blog site Style You 7 reported about the alleged allegations and shared before and after photos of the Real Housewives of Johannesburg star.

The site reports the following: "There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Lethabo’s skin color. There were people who were certain that she bleached her skin, even though she never confirmed anything.

Well, it has now been proven that she actually did bleach her skin. Pictures of her before she was on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg, Season 2, surfaced on the internet, and people are shocked. Bleaching of the skin is something that has slowly become a norm is South Africa. A lot of people have bleached their skin.

The reason behind bleaching her skin is currently unknown, but people are certain that it is because she was insecure about her dark skin."

The site added, "Her loyal supporters said that people shouldn’t be sort about what others do with their skin and their money."

Here are a few before and after pictures of Lethabo before she allegedly bleached her skin.

After and before (Credit: Style You 7)

Credit: Style You 7

Credit: Style You 7

The following photos are current photos of Lethabo courtesy via her Instagram page.

Credit: Courtesy via Lethabo Mathatho/Instagram

Credit: Courtesy via Lethabo Mathatho/Instagram

Credit: 1Magic

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Photo Credit: 1Magic