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Former ‘RHONJ’ Friend Robyn Levy Sounds Off On Her Fallout With Teresa And Joe Giudice!

Robyn Levy, who previously appeared as a friend on The Real Housewives of New Jersey during the show's seventh season, is opening up about her fallout with Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice.

“[Teresa] was going to be one of my partners for [my new series] The Facts of Wife, going back years ago. Her and her best friend were going to be my partners. [Her best friend] and I both were working together, and my attorney suggested that Teresa be a third partner on the show,” Levy told Us Weekly. “So, we were equal partners. Then, her best friend was the one that was funding the project. I was doing all the work and Teresa was being, like, the executive producer/celebrity person. We were all just equal partners.”

She continued, “What ended up happening was [her friend] was going through a bad divorce and then she said, ‘My attorney told me that I’m not allowed to start a new business during my divorce,’ because she was getting money from her husband. So I said, ‘OK, well I still want you to be a partner, but we can’t all be equal partners because then who’s funding the project? Like, now I need to go find new financing for the show.’ So as soon as I said that, Teresa and [her friend] wouldn’t [be a part of it anymore]. All three of us were supposed to be partners and then she said she couldn’t fund the project. I wanted her to still be a partner just ‘cause we were doing it all together.”

Levy said that “was pretty much the stopping point of our real relationship.” Though she tried calling Teresa about the matter, she said the conversation “didn’t go well.” She also noted that the mother-of-four “got more upset” upon learning that Levy was moving on with the project.

Robyn revealed that she went on to have “a totally separate relationship” with Teresa and her now-ex-husband, Joe, before that fell apart as well.

“He was going through a lot and kind of took it out on an easy target,” she explained. “We were super close for many years. Money was the issue at the end of the day.”

Levy appeared as a friend of Teresa during RHONJ's seventh season. Though she called being on the Bravo hit reality series “an amazing learning experience,” Levy said that “it just wasn’t right” for her.

Levy is currently focusing on future projects with her new LGBTQ+ reality series, The Facts Of Wife. She is also working on developing an unscripted docuseries called jewISH, which would follow the lives of Jewish individuals.

“I have an agent now, Marc Kamler from A3 Artists Agency. They’re helping me with all of my shows now. So, [I’m] kind of going for the next level,” she told Us Weekly, noting that Kamler is the head of development for unscripted at the agency. “I grew up with him in Mountville, [New Jersey], for many years, so I’ve known him for a long time. Now, here we are working together all these years later.”


Photo Credit: Michael Simon/Startraks; Gregory Pace/Shutterstock; Courtesy of Milania Giudice/Instagram