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Luann de Lesseps Reportedly Had A Sober Coach While Filming ‘RHONY’ Season 13!

According to Page Six, Luann de Lesseps had a sober coach to help her stay sober while filming the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City.

The publication claims that in recent months, she’s made enormous progress in her battle with alcohol and was completely committed to maintaining her sobriety this time around.

Sources say Luann worked closely with the coach, especially during cast trips. However, due to lockdown, her struggle became more difficult as many activities were limited during filming. The outlet claims that more scenes than usual took place in a bar, restaurant, apartment, or other settings where drinking is normal.

“Most people in her situation would avoid bars and that kind of thing, but she didn’t have that option. It really made her nervous,” said an insider.

But the insider reveals that Luann has remained sober even after filming wrapped earlier this month.

“We’re really proud of her,” said a source. “She has a lot of support and works really hard.”

In July 2020, the Bravo reality star opened up about her decision not to drink again during the coronavirus pandemic. “I’m so glad during quarantine to not have to deal with drinking,” she told Us Weekly at that time. “I feel like if I was drinking during quarantine, I’d be drinking a lot.”

Lesseps explained that wasn’t always easy to stay away from alcohol while filming the current season of the Bravo hit reality series.

“You know, it’s just — I wouldn’t say pressure. You just feel like you’re kind of, non-included, you kind of feel like, you know, you’re out of the group somehow,” she told Us. “And so I thought, you know what, I’m going to drink.”

The mother-of-two noted that when she was drinking and working on the series, she focused on being “diligent about it and careful.” She noted that she’s “responsible” with her consumption.

“I made that decision and, you know, so did Leah [McSweeney],” she continued. “And sometimes we handle it better than others to say, ‘We still have a while to go.’”

She added, “Have you ever seen me sloppy drunk besides falling into a bush — which was a lot — which was funny, right? We’ve all been [there],” she said. “I was a happy drunk.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal