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Lisa Barlow Says It’s “Completely Silly” And “Ridiculous” To Think She’d Be Afraid Of Jen Shah!

Lisa Barlow says it’s “completely silly” to think she’d be afraid of her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City co-star Jen Shah.

“Like, that’s silly,” Barlow said on Tuesday’s episode of the “Ladygang” podcast on PodcastOne with Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin, according to a report by Page Six. “I didn’t know it was serious for some people … but I was like, ‘OK, that’s ridiculous. Like, unless you’re Ted Bundy or Charlie Manson or Dahmer, I’m OK.'”

“I mean, do I really seem like I’m afraid of Jen Shah?” Barlow said on the podcast. “Probably not. So I’m like, ‘Why are we having a conversation about — literally I kept dismissing it.’ I’m like, ‘Why are we talking about who’s afraid of Jen Shah?”

She added, “I think Jen and I weren’t as close when we started filming but I’ve grown to, like, super love Jen Shah,” she affirmed. “I don’t — for some reason, I don’t push her buttons, but I think other girls do. And I have the most direct, like, hard-hitting conversations with Jen and she just doesn’t react to me the same way she does to the other girls.”

Whitney Rose previously made an accusation on RHOSLC that Barlow and Meredith Marks are afraid of Shah, which Barlow and Marks have denied.

So how did Jen feel about the topic? Upon hearing the rumor, Shah felt the accusation was dangerous to her, especially as a woman of color. 

“There’s this double standard and I hope that we can get some education from it and people can make some changes,” she previously told Page Six. “I don’t think it’s coming from a place of being malicious. I think it’s coming from a place of ignorance.”

Shah added that she has different experiences parenting two black sons in Utah — something some of her co-stars may not relate to.

“That’s why it’s for me it’s so hard, it’s so dangerous to label a person of color or to accuse them of something when they’re just freely throwing around terms,” she said.

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