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Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Reveals Why She Thinks Braunwyn Windham-Burke Tried To ‘Run Me Over For Fame’ On RHOC And Shares If She Will Return For Season 16!

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas reveals why she believes her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Braunwyn Windham-Burke used her for fame. 

If you recall, Vargas opened up about her troubled childhood growing up in a cult during an episode of the Bravo hit reality series to Windham-Burke. But the mother-of-seven hired a private investigator to dig into Elizabeth’s past after she began to question if she was being honest or lying about her past and finances.

“When I found out she was doing all that stuff, I said, ‘That’s her addict,’” Vargas told Us Weekly on the Friday, January 29, episode of the “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast. “And so as the time went on, I kind of realized she didn’t care about what just happened to me. It doesn’t even matter to her because it didn’t do anything for her and that’s when the narcissism came out. I was, like, now I’m getting PTSD watching this woman trying to run me over for her fame.”

She added, “I have a problem with how she treats others and I realized all through this season, I cannot help her. I’m her target now because I’m the one who knows her the best. So I thought if she needs me to be her target, that’s fine if it heals her heart, but I don’t think it’s doing anything.”

Meanwhile, days after Andy Cohen hinted that RHOC may be getting a reboot, Vargas reveals if she will be returning to the Bravo hit reality series for season 16.

When asked in the comment section of an Instagram post if she’ll be returning, she simply responded “Duh!”

Photo Credit: Randy Shropshire/Bravo; Courtesy Braunwyn Windham-Burke/Instagram