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Cynthia Bailey Admits She Is “Doing Everything On My End As A Wife To Make Sure My Marriage” To Husband Mike Hill “Works” And Reacts To Being Called An ‘Auntie’ By Her ‘RHOA’ Co-Stars!

Cynthia Bailey reveals how she plans to make her second marriage work with her husband Mike Hill.

“I definitely take my wifely duties very seriously,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta star told Page Six. “I really want to be a good wife.”

She added, “I’ve learned from all the mistakes in my first marriage and I don’t want to make those same mistakes in my second marriage. God willing, this is my happy ending and I’m doing everything on my end as a wife to make sure my marriage works this time around.”

Bailey admits that she is still over the moon about her husband. “I mean, for any excuse that I say ‘husband’ — ‘Oh, let me ask my husband. Oh, you want to order food? Oh let me see if my husband wants food!'” she laughed.

Bailey is also sharing how she feels being called an “auntie” but some of her cast members during the show's recent cast trip.

“Let’s just say being called an auntie is not maybe the worst thing ever in this group,” she joked to Page Six. “What I will say is the nieces are probably gonna do some things that I probably would not do,” she explained. “So I’ll just leave that right there. And if I am an auntie, please believe, I’m probably the fly auntie that comes to the barbecue who everyone’s looking for, you know what I’m saying?”

Cynthia revealed that she didn’t see it “as a slight in terms of age” because she is “very proud” of being 53 years old and thinks she “represents the 50s extremely, extremely well.”

She added, “so if I’m an auntie, I’m the old fun auntie.” 

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal