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Tiffany Hendra Admits She Underwent Surgery For Melanoma!

Tiffany Hendra recently opened up about her battle with skin cancer on Instagram and the Real Housewives of Dallas alum urged her followers to get their skin checked after undergoing surgery for Melanoma.

"❤️CATCH IT EARLY!! It's official -- I'm in the Melanoma Warrior Tribe," she began her post. "It's been a whirlwind week and must share this journey to encourage everyone to be in tune with your body and do regular at-home body scans as well as yearly scans with your doc."

"I've always had a normal looking flat freckle on my upper arm and it popped up like a pimple around October. I kept an eye on it and mid- December it grew with a vengeance. In June, I had a full body scan and another random mole removed that grew crazy fast so checking my moles was on my radar. Thank God!," she wrote.

"☑️SIDE NOTE- With the new 5G radiation and phone in my hand constantly during this pandemic plus being close to the WiFi router, we are diving deeper into how EMF and cell phone radiation contributes to skin and breast cancer! Stay tuned," she continued. "My awesome doc Dr. Parker at Skin Cancer Consultants did the MOHS surgery and yesterdays final pathology showed ALL CLEAR! Praise God. He’s also a plastic surgeon so I’m confident my scar with be a pretty one."

"Next step, having my lymph nodes checked and claiming they are ALL CLEAR. Appreciate your prayers!" she added. "This wound is no joke w/ multiple layers of stitches (hurts like a mutha), but I'm so blessed to have a really sexy male nurse taking good care of me @AaronHendra ❤"

She concluded, "🙏PLEASE do not ignore your body. If you have a pimple that won't go away or mole that is changing -- GO GET IT CHECKED!!"

According to PEOPLE, Hendra also shared on her Instagram Stories that she feels a "whole new compassion" as she processes her health scare. "Amazing how clear your perspective is about many things in life and the people who matter most when the word cancer and melanoma enter the scene," she wrote.

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal