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Sorisha Naidoo Explains Why She Decided To Join The Real Housewives Of Durban!

Sorisha Naidoo is teasing what viewers can expect from the upcoming new series, The Real Housewives of Durban, and reveals the reason why she decided to join the series.

Naidoo admits that she needed some “convincing” at first when she was approached to join the series. “I needed some convincing, I needed to know who the other ladies were going to be, and, it’s all about trading carefully and making sure you’re working with a good team,” she said during a recent appearance on East Coast Radio.

“For me, it was all about the production house, who I absolutely adore. There’s some good stuff and that was a no-brainer and the ladies were amazing.” 

“I like all the different personalities so then it was a go, it was a greenlight,” she continued. 

When the radio host Carol Ofori revealed to Naidoo was expected to be the “drama queen” of the series, she was then asked to clarify if it was true. 

“I wish,” said Naidoo. “No. There’s so many drama queens on the show, so it’s very difficult to pin one down. So yeah, there’s a lot of drama, lots and lots of drama.”

In 2016, Sorisha appeared on the reality series, Divas of Jozi. Naidoo was asked to compare the difference from that reality series to RHODurban.

“It’s very different,” she said. “The format [in RHODurban] is amazing, in terms of what they’ve done, how they’ve set everything up. For lack of better words, it’s very professional and for me, that’s why I was very anxious about doing a rerun of a reality show.”

“One of the factors was the crew, the cast, to have the entire package is amazing, so I think that was one of the deciding factors for me.”

Naidoo says that viewers will get to see cameras capture moments with her family such as her husband, kids, and six dogs. 

She added that she knew cast member Ayanda Ncwane prior to joining the show. While she praises her co-stars as all of them being “close” and “amazing,” she does admit that viewers can expect some “extreme drama” this upcoming season.

Naidoo promises that the drama will kick off in the premiere episode, which premieres this Friday, January 29 on Showmax.

Photo Credit: Showmax/NBCUniversal