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RHOJersey’s Kate Taylor Opens Up About Her Past Battle With Depression!

Kate Taylor has opened up on her battle with depression after splitting from her ex-husband. The Real Housewives of Jersey star revealed that she was left bed-bound for 18 months, as she battled through the “lowest point of her life.”

Thankfully, the ITVBe reality star overcame her struggles “a little while ago” following a trip to Bali.

“I spent 18 months basically in bed with a horrible depression. I’ll never go back there again,” she told Entertainment Daily. “I didn’t expect to be on a TV show back then – I was lucky enough to want to see the next day. I used to have my girl called Friday, she would beg me every day to get up out of bed.”

She continued, “That was the lowest point in my life.”

During her trip to Bali, she took part in daily yoga and meditation sessions. “In Bali I did this love, relationships and intimacy course. Because I’m such a [bleep] I went celibate for a year, then we went into lockdown.”

“I mean, have you tried getting laid at a two-metre distance?!” she shared. “I’m the most sexual, tactile creature in the world. If someone said to me, ‘What’s your favourite past time?’ Well, it used to be trying to get as much attention as I could from my husband.”

Kate’s marriage came to an end after her ex-husband moved on with a younger woman.

Photo Credit: ITV; Monkey; NBCUniversal