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Rachel Lugo Is At Home Recovering After Undergoing Appendix Surgery!

Rachel Lugo is at home recovering after she had her appendix removed. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star shares a series of video clips via her Instagram Stories, where she revealed the news with her social media followers prior to surgery.

Lugo first teased about her hospitalization by sharing a photo of her arm hooked up with iv pump. “Little blip to my day 🤦🏼‍♀️ no it's not covid...,” she wrote.

She then shared a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed with the caption, “Well this is annoying 🤦🏼‍♀️.”

Moments later she shared the real reason why she was admitted to the hospital in a series of video clips.

“I've been brought to the hospital because I have appendicitis,” she shared. “They would normally, under the circumstances would operate and take it out but because of COVID.”

She continued by adding that “they're going to try antibiotics on the iv and the antibiotics on the drip and that's it don't worry about me you guys, I'm ok.”

Due to COVID, nobody is allowed to visit, but Rachel's boyfriend found a way to make sure she saw him. 

She shared a photo of him outside her window along with the caption, “Nobody is allowed to visit on the ward so Nicks found a way to see me.”

He then sent Lugo a message he wrote her on the ground. “Get well soon Rach,” he wrote.

She then shared a photo of her dinner. She wrote, “I love anything I haven't had to cook myself.”

Lugo shared a throwback photo where she is posing next to her boyfriend during their holiday trip, to which she captioned, “What a difference a week makes so thankful it didn't happen here.”

Days later Rachel shared a health update via her Instagram Stories. “Good morning,” she wrote. “Day 4 and I'm starting to feel so much better...the antibiotics are working.” She added, “Thanks so much for all your messages.”

While in the hospital, Lugo didn't lose her sense of humor by poking fun at her boyfriend Nick. She shared a screenshot of all the messages her followers have sent her.

“You guys are all hopeless romantics,” she wrote. “I've had sooooo many lovely messages. Nicks not on Instagram so we won't tell him how much you all love him...we don't want it going to his head do we.”

Lugo then wrote, “Not eaten since 5pm yesterday...I'm nil by mouth waiting to be reviewed but no sign of anyone yet. I'm starting at the lady eating next to me ...I bet she thinks I'm a weirdo.” She added, “I just wanted her food.”

Rachel then shared a health update. She revealed that the doctors decided to operate. “So doctors have decided to operate and take it out .... glad I didn't steal my neighbours food tray now.”

In another post, she thanked everyone for sending her love and support amid hospitalization. “Thank you all so much for all your lovely messages...sorry I've not responded but I have read them.”

She added, “I'm on the mend and hoping I'll get to go home soon.”

Lugo reshared a post from her twin sister Katie, where she shared new details about Lugo’s health. “[Rachel] has just gone down to theatre to have her appendix removed. They were reluctant to operate because of Covid but they’ve had to in the end. Unfortunately, they also can’t do it by keyhole with everything that’s going on……”

She added, “After only seeing her for less than a day in the last 12 months I’m going to make up for lost time in 2021 Fingers crossed.”

To which Rachel replied, “Love you twinkle.”

Lugo's co-stars Tanya Bardsley and Nicole Sealey sent her well wishes. Tanya wrote, “Good luck with your operation ray ray,” she wrote. “I love you.”

Nicole wrote, “Good luck on your op [Rachel Lugo] and a speedy recovery.”

Rachel then confirmed via Instagram Story that she was been released from the hospital and is at home recovering.

“First day out of bed today since I got home,” she wrote by sharing a photo of her dog cuddling with her. “Bruno snuggles infront of the fire watching the snowfall.”

We are wishing Rachel a speedy recovery.

Photo Credit: ITV; Monkey; NBCUniversal