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Heather Gay Teases ‘RHOSLC’ Season 1 Reunion Drama; Says “It Was Much More Intense That I Anticipated It Being”

Heather Gay shares details about what went down at the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season one reunion.

"It went great from what I can remember. I mean, it's all a huge fog," Heather told Entertainment Tonight. "Like, bits and pieces are coming to me. Did that happen? I don't know if it was what I anticipated happening, if it's what a dream or nightmare I've had post, or if it occurred. So I'm kind of in a fog of everything, but overall, you know, the top notes of it were amazing, and a rainbow of emotions and a beautiful set. And Andy Cohen was chef's kiss perfect."

Gay says the reunion, which will air in February, was filled with emotion and tension, healing and hurt. "I didn't realize how much kerosene was in the room," she teases, hinting at explosive confrontations. "We got into it. At one point, all six of us were talking [at once]. We were all involved and feeling the feelings and fighting the good fight. And I think that it was much more intense than I anticipated it being."

Heather also teases about the drama that went down between her and Lisa Barlow over their "I don’t know her" feud with Lisa Barlow, which played out earlier this season on RHOSLC.

"We have not moved on," she says of the back-and-forth between her and the Vida Tequila owner that was front in center in the season’s early episodes, but fell by the wayside without resolution. “We both had receipts, but I already told you I won, right?”

Gay also reveals that viewers will learn her co-star Mary Cosby missed out on so many group events this season and what's really going on with her personal life and church. "Mary spoke up. You'll see a lot from Mary," Heather promises.

Heather also opens up how her life has changed since joining the Bravo hit reality series. "It's been transformative," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I've been reinvigorated with, like, humanity and the community that's out there, and the love and connections you can make through social media and through television, and so I feel like I have a new lease on life -- and I feel hopeful, and I'm emotional about it because I had resigned to just kind of, you know, peddling the back seat of the tandem bike for my kids and for my family, you know? And so I never really thought that this opportunity and this type of chance would cross my path. So I feel grateful, and I feel lucky."

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal