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Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Thinks Braunwyn Windham-Burke And Sean Burke “Should Definitely Divorce” And “Just Live Separate Lives”

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas has a lot to say about her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Braunwyn Windham-Burke's modern marriage to husband Sean Burke.

“Oh, they got dirt on each other, which I know about,” she told Us Weekly. Vargas explains why she doesn’t “agree” with the way the couple has been “handling” the situation.

“You know, my ex-husband and I had a weird relationship too, I can’t judge it. … I think that Sean should move on and she should let him, you know, he’s going to have to pay her bills anyway,” she explained, adding that Sean has been a “wonderful human being” whenever they’ve crossed paths. “He loves her so much and it’s so heartbreaking to see her say she was never attracted to him.”

“She should definitely divorce. They should divorce and then just live separate lives,” Elizabeth added. “You know, that house was rented. So they should just get out of the lease. … They should live separate lives and the kids are already in turmoil. They went through [Braunwyn’s] alcoholism and now they’re going through abandonment. … I just don’t agree with how she’s doing anything.”

As previously reported, Braunwyn and Sean sparked speculation of a split in October 2020 after she revealed that they were no longer living in the same home. She later shared that she had “every intention” of remaining married to Sean, according to Us Weekly.

Sean moved back into his family’s home in November 2020, and the following month, Braunwyn came out as a lesbian. “I got married very young and I never thought about it. … I’m just now starting to feel like I’m becoming the woman I was supposed to be,” she explained in an interview with GLAAD, noting that her husband has been supportive of her on her path to self-discovery. “I plan on staying married. … We’re raising the kids together. He’s my best friend,” she said.

Shortly after coming out, Braunwyn introduced fans to her girlfriend, Kris. Though she’s already moved on, the Bravo personality admitted in an Instagram Q&A earlier this month that she would be “heartbroken” to see Sean do the same. The pair, who has been married more than 20 years, admitted that they will remain in an open marriage and have no plans on getting divorced.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Elizabeth Lyn Vargas; Instagram/Braunwyn Windham-Burke