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Tamra Judge Slams Shannon Beador For Mentioning Her On Latest Episode Of RHOC; Says “I’m Blown Away How This Woman Can Lie Through Her Jeweled Teeth!”

Tamra Judge called out Shannon Beador following Wednesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

The former Bravo reality star slammed Beador for commenting about her during the December 9 episode. If you recall, Beador accused Judge of influencing Gina Kirschenheiter to cancel a group gathering where the ladies talked smack about Elizabeth  Lyn Vargas. (Note: Gina revealed during the episode that she didn't want to be a part of it and made up a "lame" excuse to skip the gathering).

Also during the episode, Shannon opened up about the demise in her friendship with Judge, to which she accused her former bestie of turning against her and dissing her to the press after leaving the series. So how did Tamra react to Shannon's claims?

Tamra shared a screenshot of many tweets from fans who called out Shannon for turning against Judge after she announced that she wasn't returning to the series. 

"Exactly! I'm blown away how this woman can lie through her jewelled teeth! Have another drink Shannin it what you do best !," Tamra shared via her Instagram Stories.

"I'm not on the show but still getting blamed for s**t let me get my side out! Shannon is a liar & exhausting!" she wrote.

Tamra set the record straight about her hanging out with Gina a day before the gathering and reveals the real reason Gina decided to skip the group event.

"Gina & Travis stopped by CUT fitness to pick up some weights back in March. She told me that Shannon was orchestrating a get together (during first week of Covid) to take down Elizabeth and expose her lies & she wanted everyone there to get in on the action Aka-do her dirty work."

She continued, (Shannon loves to play producer) Gina said she didn't want to get involved. We were in the beginning of a pandemic and it didn't feel right! I had nothing to do with Gina not going !"

Judge then addressed Beador's claims about their fallout. "I was suffocating ? We all know that's another lie."

"My kids and husband would beg me not to answer the phone 25 times a day because she would suck my energy with all her negativity," she wrote via her Instagram Stories. "I was just trying to be a good friend! She wouldn't let me reconcile with Vicki and told me last year Not to be friends with Kelly and got mad when I was."

Tamra then shared a clip of when she and Vicki were trying to reconcile during RHOC season 12 and Shannon is seen telling Meghan King that Vicki was never friends with Judge. Tamra added a devil emoji on top of the clip.

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Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal