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Margaret Josephs Explains Why She Would Rather Have Danielle Staub Back On ‘RHONJ’ Than “Repulsive” And “Conspiracy Theorist Psycho” Siggy Flicker!

During a recent interview, Margaret Josephs opened up about how she feels about Real Housewives of New Jersey alums Danielle Staub and Siggy Flicker. 

The blonde beauty did not hold back when she was asked how she truly feels about her former cast members after feuding with them on the Bravo hit reality series. 

Margaret appeared on the #NoFilter With Zack Peter podcast, where she revealed that she still thinks Siggy is “Soggy.” 

Podcast host Zack asked Margaret about Siggy and Danielle. “Have you ever run into, like, other Housewives at Starbucks? Did you ever, like, grab a grande latte with Siggy?”

To which Margaret responded, “No. God forbid. Her?!”

Josephs then explained why she would rather have Danielle back on RHONJ than Siggy.

“By the way, I’d take Danielle back over Siggy any day of the week,” she shared. “I actually used to love Danielle. We had a close relationship. I feel very sad, the way it went down. I think she’s suffering. I don’t think she’s an evil person, I think she’s hurting and damaged and, I think that’s what it is.”

Despite her altercation with Staub, Margaret reveals she has mixed feelings about her. She explained that Danielle isn’t the kind of friend you can just be honest with, claiming that Danielle requires constant love and “that’s damage.”

However, she does not feel the same way about Flicker. “The other one [Siggy Flicker] repulses me. She’s a stain on New Jersey and I can’t wait until she moves to Florida. Literally, a stain on New Jersey,” Margaret said, according to Monsters and Critics.

When asked if Siggy was really moving to Florida, Margaret said, “Well if she could ever sell her damn house. I mean, legit. Have you not seen her Instagram? She’s repulsive.”

She added, “Conspiracy theorist. Psycho.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal