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Kim DePaola Reveals How Melissa Gorga Got Cast On ‘RHONJ’ And Shades Teresa Giudice’s New Boyfriend Luis ‘Louie’ Ruelas; Says “Teresa Got Herself Another Cad”

Kim DePaola aka Kim D. has made a name for herself since appearing on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The boutique owner, who is not afraid to speak her mind, shares her thoughts on Teresa Giudice’s new relationship and slams Melissa Gorga in the process.

Kim discusses the drama that went down when Teresa Giudice learned that her cousin, Kathy Wakile, and her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, joined the show behind her back.

“Teresa did not know that they signed for that show until the night before the christening,” Kim said during an appearance on the Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald podcast, according to Reality Blurb. “They told her ‘you’re filming the christening [and] your brother and Kathy Wakile signed,’ and I swear I was on the phone with Teresa until one-thirty in the morning. Teresa said, ‘I don’t even want to sign this! I don’t even want to go!’ She was distraught,” Kim revealed.

Kim then revealed how Melissa got cast on the show, claiming Gorga sent a malicious tape about Teresa to Bravo. “Melissa sent in a video to Bravo,” she proclaimed. “And I heard from one of the producers, he told me that if I had seen that video, I would have fell on the floor. It was directly to cut at Teresa. It was to come on [and] to go on the back door of Teresa. They were disgusted because Teresa didn’t bring them in. There was animosity between them and that’s what got her on the show.”

DePaola then got candid about her fallout with Teresa. “She back-doors people,” Kim said. “And this is what I’m trying to say. She doesn’t have a soul; she doesn’t know how to be a good friend. She goes through friends like I’ve never [seen] and she can’t hold onto a friend because of that reason.”

Kim maintains that she does wish Giudice “the best,” but when asked if she’s happy for Teresa’s new relationship with new boyfriend, Luis Ruelas, the controversial reality star spilled some major tea.

“Well he’s not normal… I just got a [message] – I didn’t get involved in this and it’s the first time I’ve minded my own business – but listen, we’re on,” she alleged. “I got a message from a very good friend of mine that used to do my nails stating that he’s seeing her girlfriend too.”

“She goes, ‘Teresa got herself another cad [and] he’s really no good.’ She sent me pictures and I’m like ‘I’m not getting involved,’” claims Kim.

Still, Kim admitted that she’s happy that Teresa finally realized that she doesn’t “need” to be with Joe Giudice.

Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images; MJ Photos/Shutterstock; Lions Share News