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Heather Gay Weighs In On Feud Between Jen Shah And Mary Cosby!

Heather Gay is sharing her thoughts on the feud that's playing out on the current season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City between her co-stars Jen Shah and Mary Cosby.

If you recall, Shah lashed out at Meredith Marks for hanging out with Cosby, to which she referred to as a “Grandfather M-Effer.” So how did Heather feel about Jen's diss towards Mary?

“It happened and it was just — It made me sick,” Heather told HollywoodLife. “It made me sad because — Someone says that and it’s not untrue, but it’s also unkind.”

“When she yelled it, I didn’t hear it, but I heard from everyone else that she just yelled it and so I didn’t have that kind of bucket of water in the face reaction, but I felt the energy and it just went — It shifted,” Heather revealed. “And that was the first time anyone in our group had really turned. Shots fired, as Lisa [Barlow] would say. It’s also horrific and it’s so mixed and you want to just and you know — You just don’t want it to be out there. You want to pull it back and you want to fix it.”

When Gay was asked to pick a side, she said, “I am always drawn to the underdog and I want to discover more about Mary and I want her to feel safe to express who she is,” Heather said. “And so I feel like Jen feels very safe in expressing who she is and she knows that I love her and I am loyal to her, but you’ll see. It starts to get harder for me to walk that line because it is difficult in a group of friends to take a stand but pledge loyalty to opposing forces. I’m Austria. I am Austria. I am a supplementary, less well known, foreign country. I’m not picking sides. If I were to pick a side, I would pick Mary’s, not out of shade to Jen, but it’s dead. Let’s bury it. When you’re dead, lie down. Now it’s getting so convoluted with intent and what was going on and it could’ve been just a comment that became a wildfire and we have to allow our friends a little bit of leaning against the latitude.”

Jen and Mary have been feuding since the series premiere episode when Mary said that Jen smelled like hospital, a smell that she claims to be sensitive to from her own health experiences. This struck a major chord with Jen as her aunt was in the hospital and had just had both her legs amputated. The two eventually hashed it out, but their reconciliation was very short-lived as Jen dissed Mary at an event that was thrown by Whitney Rose.

Mary has been open about her arranged marriage to her step-grandfather, Robert Cosby Sr. The two have been married for 21 years after she decided to honor her late grandmother’s dying wish for one of her granddaughters to marry her second husband. Mary and Robert have one son together, Robert Jr.

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal