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Episode Descriptions For RHOJersey Season 1 Revealed!

The description for the first three episodes of the upcoming new British reality series, The Real Housewives of Jersey has been revealed courtesy via ITV. 

Now we're finally getting a more detailed look at what is going to happen in the new show, check it out below!

Episode 1 - Welcome to Jersey
Airing 12/28/2020
As summer begins on the Channel island of Jersey, seven of the most glamourous residents prepare themselves for luxury estate agent Margaret Thompson's annual party. Fun-loving Kate intends to grab everyone's attention by arriving in style; daredevil Hedi enlists best friends Jono and Cisco to accompany her to the party; while new mum Ashley braces herself for a return to the social scene; and former model Mia considers a new career

Episode 2 - Forgive-Me-Nots
Airing 1/4/2021
Whilst Kate celebrates her birthday, a text from a special someone brings a smile to her face even if confusion surrounds her long-awaited introduction to Tessa. Could first impressions be the wrong impressions or is Tessa ready to give Kate a second chance?

Mia’s hopes for a return to modelling are boosted when Hedi offers some unexpected advice whilst Ashley reaches out to Margaret and discovers a sympathetic friend. Meanwhile Jersey’s social butterflies flutter towards the local lido for a night of fun and frolics but some ladies reveal a touch too much… don’t they Jane?

Episode 3
Airing 1/11/2021
As Kate’s attempts to connect with Tessa continue to flounder, Margaret steps in to help them find common ground but could there be a fine line between encouraging a friendship and interfering?

Ashley follows Sascha’s advice and considers how to be more romantic whilst Hedi starts to question why some ladies insist on lowering the tone. Mia throws an extravagant dinner party and is offered the opportunity of a lifetime whilst some ladies bite off more than they can chew…. could Jane’s honesty be her undoing?

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Photo Credit: ITV; Monkey; NBCUniversal