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Cynthia Bailey Reveals How She Really Feels About NeNe Leakes Skipping Her Wedding And Admits She “Didn’t Really Appreciate” Gizelle Bryant Calling Her Wedding “Chaos”; Says “She Was Not Walking Into A Situation Blindly”

In October 2020, Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill tied the knot after dating for more than two years. 

While the Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared the special moment with her family and friends, there was one person who she would have loved to have seen at her wedding: NeNe Leakes.

“I did invite her to the wedding. She didn’t come and, you know, that’s just pretty much where it is. I respect it,” Bailey told Us Weekly. “She was one of the first to meet Mike. … Mike and I had a conversation about that [and we] just said, ‘You know what? It just doesn’t feel right not to invite her.'”

“Because she was around during the early stages when I met my husband, it just would’ve been nice to see her and [her husband] Gregg,” Bailey added. “But again, there’s no pressure. I’m not forcing anything. I am fine [with] where we are in our nice little respectful place. … I just do things that make me feel good. And however, the person responds, I’m fine with it. I receive it.”

However, there was one person who did attend the wedding, Real Housewives of Potomac Gizelle Bryant, and she had a lot to say about the nuptials during an October appearance on What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Bryant said that she left early because people started taking off their masks.

“In the beginning, when it first started, absolutely, everybody had either a shield or a mask on. But then people started eating and drinking, and that’s when it was chaos a little bit,” she explained to Andy Cohen. “I actually left before the toast happened…I left because people started taking their masks off. I just felt very nervous. I just had to go back to my hotel and do some things.”

So how does Bailey feel about Bryant’s comments? “I didn't really appreciate that,” Bailey told the Insider. “Another thing that we did for our guests was we gave them transparency. We told them how many people were coming. We told them all the safety precautions that we had in place. So, you know, she was not walking into a situation blindly.”

“She was supplied a mask. I don't know if she ever really put it on, but she was supplied one,” she continued. “And we did everything on our end to enforce the rules and regulations, and she had her shield on the whole time.”

Bailey added, “We weren't holding people to stay at the wedding if they didn’t feel comfortable,” she said. “So at any point where anyone felt uncomfortable they could leave. Why stay and be uncomfortable?”

Bailey maintained that they took every precaution, including handing out masks and face shields to every guest in attendance and claimed, no one was infected at the wedding ceremony.

“It was a success,” she told Insider. “We had all of our friends and family there, and praise God there were no positive results of COVID-19 as a result of our wedding.”

While photographs circulating on social media implied that the rules were not being followed, Bailey made it clear that her guests were following COVID’s safety protocols.

“One of the things that we didn’t think about was a lot of our guests, whenever they took photos, they wanted to take the mask off for the picture and then put it back on,” she admitted. “So a lot of the photos that ended up being out on the internet don’t show them with masks. We got a lot of pushback because of that.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal