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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Details ‘Hard’ Sobriety Battle And Admits To Hitting Her Husband Sean Burke; Says “I Have Hit Sean A Couple Of Times In My Life”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke opened up about her sobriety battle. The Real Housewives of Orange County star got candid about her struggles ahead of the Wednesday, December 9, episode of the Bravo hit reality series.

“Tonight’s episode is another hard one, even self-filmed I opened up about something I wish I hadn’t shared,” she wrote via her Instagram Story. “That being said getting sober is hard. I made some mistakes, and I’m owning them and making amends.”

The Bravo reality star also included a screenshot of her tweet from earlier that day. “If I was going to do something just for ‘storyline’ I would of picked something easier, being sober in this toxic environment ain’t easy …. to have someone diminish the struggle is low, I’ve been blessed to have support and have been working a program, if you need help it works,” she wrote.

During the episode, Braunwyn confessed that she had gotten physical with her husband more than once in the past. “I just, I lost it. I lost my temper again with Sean belittling me over the vacuum cleaner,” Braunwyn said. “Instead of being like, 'Yeah, I'll help you' — because he's still going to the office. He's still working. He's still getting out of the house. Instead of helping, he made fun of me and I lost it and I smacked him.”

In a confessional interview, she noted that she would get angry with Sean when she was in the early stages of her sobriety journey. “I have hit Sean a couple of times in my life,” she said. “I hit him across the face and I hit him hard. I wanted to go drink. I was angry and I was lashing out and Curren saw it. ... Looking back, it was a side of me I’ve never seen. It was bad.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media; Braunwyn Windham-Burke/Instagram