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Magali Gorré Reflects On Her Time On The Real Housewives Of Cheshire!

Magali Gorré dishes about her time on The Real Housewives of Cheshire during a recent Q&A session on Instagram. The footballer's wife reveals whether or not she misses being on the ITVBe hit reality series.

When asked if she misses being part of RHOCheshire, Magali responded, "The storylines were so good and sometimes I think what would [happened] if I didn't [take] a break and my father didn't past away? I would def not took things so personal on and off camera.

She continued, "I have so much going on what my fans could [relate] too but also fab things happening in my life and our footballworld  but I promise never a dull moment ☝ watch my space"

Magali thanks her fans who continue to petition her return to the series. "And I'm always thankful for the loveley comments and #rhocheshire fans 🥰💋," Magali wrote.

When she was asked again if she missed the show, Magali responded, "I travel to see my family and for our new project. So I miss the fans but soon I have somethings to tell them 🤗 #magaliworld never a dull moment."

She continued to gush about her fans wanting her back on the show. She wrote, "@officialrhoch fans are the best 💋❤️."

When asked if RHOCheshire was fake, Magali wrote back, "Life [is] to short I forgive and look back on my fabulous storylines that I shared with you guys. Our #blacklove was real and to represent [women] of color too is special on tv."

She added, "I missed a reunion haha Don’t forget I had a life before the show and a busy life still. #neveradullmoment."

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Photo Credit: Magali Gorré/Instagram