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Lisa Barlow Reveals She Was ‘Shocked’ And ‘Taken Aback’ That Her ‘RHOSLC’ Co-Star Mary Cosby Married Her Step-Grandfather!

Lisa Barlow explains why she was "shocked" and "taken aback" when she found out that her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City co-star Mary Cosby married her late grandmother’s second husband, Robert Cosby Sr.

“I would not be human if I weren’t surprised by it. I was definitely taken aback. Like, ‘Wait, what?’ I was shocked,” Lisa told Us Weekly exclusively on the Friday, November 6, episode of the “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast. “I don’t know Mary’s story. I’ve never walked in Mary’s shoes. Mary does have fabulous shoes.”

She adds, “I think that’s Mary’s story to tell. I mean, religion, culture, it plays a lot into our choices and I think it plays a lot into Mary’s, and I think she’s the only person that can tell her story.”

Barlow also explains why she considers herself a Morman 2.0. “When you think about Mormonism, there’s like a laundry list of things don’t ever do, which basically makes you perfect and I am far from that, but so we just found Mormon religion in general is a choice,” she explained. “But for me, I’m like, you know what, I’m still an individual. I’m not like everybody else. So why would we all check off the same boxes? So I’m just doing Mormonism my way.”

Lisa said the Salt Lake City Mormon community “loves” that the Housewives franchise has taken over their city. “I think everyone in Utah wants to be on the show,” Barlow told Us Weekly. “I think some people might start coming back to church again when they figure out they can be Mormon 2.0.”

Photo Credit: Chad Kirkland/Bravo