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Gina Kirschenheiter Opens Up About Her Ongoing Feud With Braunwyn Windham-Burke And Admits She Feels ‘Terrible’ For Calling Her Out On Her Past Drunken Antics During Their Heated Confrontation At Shannon Beador’s Housewarming Party; Says “I Didn’t Know She Was Alcoholic… This Woman Is Clearly In Crisis”

Gina Kirschenheiter is opening up about her confrontation with Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Braunwyn Windham-Burke, which took place on the latest episode of the Bravo hit reality series.

If you recall, Kirschenheiter called out Windham-Burke for her past drunken antics, despite Braunwyn being 30 days sober at the time. However, the mother-of-three wishes she was aware of Braunwyn's alcoholic confession prior to their heated confrontation, which took place at Shannon Beador's housewarming party.

"I feel terrible about that, I don't wanna be that mirror," Gina told Entertainment Tonight. "I didn't know she was alcoholic. ... This woman is clearly in crisis struggling with this, holding on by a straw and I'm in her face telling her, 'You're a sloppy chihuahua!' Like, I feel terrible about that."

After watching the moment ahead of Wednesday night's episode, Gina says she texted Braunwyn to apologize, now knowing the full story. Gina also dishes on her issues with Braunwyn over the text message Braunwyn's husband, Sean sent her. If you recall, after an alcohol-filled evening together last season, Sean got Gina an Uber home and texted her what she interpreted as a flirty exchange, a possible invitation to the Windham-Burkes' marital bed, which Braunwyn took major offense to that insinuation.

"She's going around saying -- the whole year -- saying, 'We have threesomes, I have a sex apartment…' rolling around on the floor with Tamra [Judge], but then I'm crazy for thinking that I might have a shot?" Gina asked. "Like, that’s all right. I’ll just lower my self-esteem then. I’ll think less of myself. I understand very clearly now: I’m not good enough to sleep with you. She says, ‘The only requirement is you have to be hot.’ So, OK, I understand I'm not hot enough to sleep with you."

"If I wanted that to be a big deal or blow it out of proportion or whatever last year, it would have been a big deal, because that's just how this goes right?" Gina noted. "I was trying to be respectful of it, even though it did make me feel uncomfortable, and not make it, like, a storyline you know?"

"When I heard they were the ones bringing it up, I was shocked!" she continues. "I felt like I was doing her a solid by not bringing it up, and then I was kind of ambushed with it [on camera]. She had so many opportunities to call me directly about it, and it wouldn't have blown out of proportion, ‘cause I would’ve said, 'Yeah, you know what? I have different boundaries. It made me a little uncomfortable.'"

Gina says she feels like Braunwyn is almost shaming her for speaking up for herself for sharing their truth. "The point is, she’s been sitting on it, and then the cameras go up," Gina says. "I’m like, what are they trying to create? Like, thank you for the Uber. I'll Venmo you if you want, but it's just an Uber, you know? I couldn't understand and meanwhile you were passed out and that is honestly how most of the nights that we would film would end with her."

"We would film the whole thing, and then you have to go to the next thing and now we're in a group and we're talking about all the things that happened at this party or whatever and she had no idea of what was ever going on," Gina revealed. "So it became frustrating as a cast to work with her. I’m so taken back by the fact that she's accusing me of being too drunk when she was passed out. … Now, I look at it and I think she was projecting."

"One of the things about getting sober is, you have to do some pretty hard inventory and look at yourself," she added. "So, out of everything you can say, that's the one thing that you can't right now. I am literally -- I haven't told one lie all season."

Kirschenheiter then reacts to Windham-Burke's comments she made about her new home. "There's no accountability, no responsibility," Gina told Entertainment Tonight. "Her excuse for why it's OK is because she's not the only one that did it. For me, that's a toddler response. That's very immature to me. It's very wanting to pass the buck."

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal